PVC windows: what characteristics what price of installation?

If PVC is today the most used material for the manufacture of windows, it is not without reason! PVC is indeed an economical solution, it is a material with good insulating properties and easy to maintain which can be declined in multiple specificities in terms of colors, dimensions and opening devices. Let’s take stock of the characteristics of these joineries and see together the installation price to consider.

What are the characteristics of a PVC window?

PVC windows have been enjoying unbeatable success for several years. It must be said that they have something to seduce. PVC is an insulating and quality material, for a very attractive price. These are indeed the cheapest carpentry on the market. Nevertheless, in order not to regret your investment, it is recommended to opt for quality PVC and to avoid the first prices.

PVC requires no maintenance and insulates homes very well both from a thermal point of view and from a sound point of view. In addition, its declination in multiple colors and textures makes it very attractive. Indeed, PVC can be dyed in all possible colors and imitate other materials, such as wood, slate or even marble.

Finally, PVC has the advantage of being suitable for all types of opening. It can thus equip sliding, casement, French, Italian, tilt-and-turn windows, etc.

What are the advantages of PVC windows?

  • An attractive price : PVC windows are the cheapest on the market. By opting for this reliable solution, you benefit from joinery with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.
  • A good level of insulation : PVC windows are well insulating, both thermally and acoustically. Unlike aluminium, there is no risk of thermal bridge, the material is self-sufficient to insulate the openings.
  • Light maintenance : PVC requires very little maintenance, which is not the case with wood, for example. All it takes is a damp sponge with soapy water to remove pollution and dirt that settles over time.
  • An aesthetic material : PVC is available in an unlimited range of colors and finishes. It even makes it possible to imitate other materials such as wood, but without supporting the constraints.
  • A design that fits all openings : PVC can equip all your windows, whatever the desired opening mode. Lightweight, it is easy to work with for the design of almost all carpentry models.

What are the disadvantages of PVC windows?

  • A mixed solidity : PVC has some weaknesses in terms of strength. Indeed, it tends to sink and deform in the event of an impact.
  • A use that is not suitable for large openings : it will not be possible to make a large bay window in PVC. This material is indeed too light to support such a weight. For a comparable look, consider aluminum or opt for wood.

What is the cost of installing a PVC window?

How much does a PVC window cost?

The price of a PVC window varies according to its dimensions. Here you will find the average prices charged for PVC windows in the most common sizes.

  • For a PVC window with two leaves of 115 cm x 100 cm: count 90 to 230 euros on average.
  • For a PVC window with two leaves of 125 cm x 100 cm: count 110 to 280 euros on average.
  • For a PVC window with two leaves of 135 cm x 100 cm: count 130 to 290 euros on average.
  • For a PVC window with two leaves of 125 cm x 120 cm: count 130 to 290 euros on average.
  • For a PVC window with two leaves of 135 cm x 120 cm: count 130 to 320 euros on average.

How much does it cost to install a PVC window by a professional?

The installation of a PVC window should not be left to chance. For its installation to be solid and well insulating, it is recommended to call on a competent professional.

Count between 200 and 600 euros on average to have this type of joinery installed. The price changes according to the characteristics of the window (its size and type of opening), but also the prices charged by the company called upon for this operation.

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