Recipe for homemade washing-up liquid to make yourself

There are several good reasons that encourage many of us to make our own dishwashing liquid. It’s not very complicated and we usually unknowingly have effective ingredients that represent a very alternative to commercial dishwashing products. Here is a recipe for homemade dishwashing liquid that is ultra simple to make and its variation to make it an effective product on stubborn grime.

Make your dishwashing liquid: what is the point?

Commercial products generally contain chemical ingredients that can cause some inconvenience such as skin irritation, allergy and even serious damage in case of contact with the eyes. These chemicals are more toxic and polluting. However, what is expected of a dishwashing liquid is that it be effective in fighting fat while being safe for humans and the environment. This is therefore what motivates more and more consumers to make homemade dishwashing liquid, especially since it is practical and economical.

Homemade dishwashing liquid: the essential solutions

The Marseille’s soap (the real one!) is an exemplary natural product that can be used for body and face care, but also to clean glasses, plates, cutlery and pots. You don’t even need to add another ingredient to achieve a flawless result. Very hot water and Marseille soap are enough if you have to scrub very dirty dishes and make them sparkling.

Be careful to choose a real Marseille soap whose main ingredient is olive oil. It must in any case be devoid of animal fat and it is preferable that it does not contain palm oil. You might as well opt for a product manufactured by renowned French soap factories in order to have a Marseille soap worthy of the name and perfectly suited to washing dishes. Just a little advice: from time to time, add white vinegar to the water used to rinse glasses and stainless steel cutlery because Marseille soap tends to leave a few traces.

White vinegar is an ingredient we all have in our cupboards. It is anti-greasy, deodorant, safe for the environment. It has very interesting washing properties and is particularly appreciated in case of very hard water because it helps to fight against limescale.

Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) is undoubtedly the ally to always have on hand. It is inexpensive, does not pollute and is intransigent against grease, dirt, limescale and bad smells. In short, it has everything good, and in addition, it foams. It is the basic ingredient for a homemade dishwashing liquid.

Black soap is one of the natural ingredients with which it is possible to make your dishwashing product. Of course you have to buy black soap of French manufacture with vegetable oils, therefore 100% biodegradable and natural. We love its ultra-degreasing properties and its safety for the skin. It restores shine to stainless steel but also to glass dishes.

Note that there are many recipes for homemade dishwashing products on the web that incorporate soda ash. They are related to sodium hydrogencarbonate (commonly known as “bicarbonate of soda”), but much more irritating to the skin. They must absolutely be handled with gloves. Widely used for cleaning, soda crystals are a powerful degreaser. However, many consumers prefer not to use it to make their cleaning products.

Simple recipe for homemade dishwashing liquid

Here is a dishwashing product to make yourself. This recipe is prepared in three minutes flat and allows you to obtain a liquid green, safe for the skin, ultra effective and smells good.

Ingredients for 1 liter of homemade dishwashing liquid

  • 100 cl liter of water,
  • 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate,
  • 1 glass of black soap,
  • 7 drops of citrus or other essential oil.


  • 1 pump bottle (capacity 1 litre),
  • 1 funnel.


  • Heat the water,
  • Transfer it to the pump bottle using the funnel,
  • Pour in the black soap,
  • Add essential oil,
  • Stir,
  • It’s ready‚Ķ

A few drops of this eco-friendly dishwashing product enough to obtain an impeccable result. But if one has to scour heavily soiled pansone can in parallel deposit on the bottom a little soda ash then boiling water and leave to act for several hours before rubbing and rinsing.

It is also possible to wash your dishes just with black soap. This is therefore the most basic thing since all you have to do is pour a few drops of this natural product on a sponge and rub your dishes. It simply rinses off with very hot water. Ecological, economical and healthy, it perfectly degreases the dirtiest pots and pans and is perfectly suitable for washing the deep fryer tank. That is to say !

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