Recycled objects: 2 DIY decorating ideas

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make beautiful decorative objects that will serve to embellish your interior. Crates of wine or an old tire are enough, for example, to make furniture and practical objects in your daily life. Follow the leader.

Some tips for making shelves

For the first method to create pretty shelves, you need two old crates, like an apple crate. Spray the inside of the first crate with Parma paint. Then paint the inside of the second crate in light green. Leave to rest for about two hours. Dwell the outside of the crates in silver color. Wait two hours again. Screw two hooks to the back of the crates. Stretch a thread by wrapping it around each hook. Now attach the crates to the wall. It does not take more than 17 euros for this operation.

To showcase all your little treasures, you can also make a mobile shelf with wine boxes. You need two crates of the same dimensions as well as four fixable wheels. Stack the crates on top of each other and nail them. Then add the four wheels to the base. You can leave your mobile shelf as it is if you like the raw side. But you can also repaint it. You can store your books and other small trinkets there.

Also, if you’re looking to make small, simple shelves, turn a box out of cardboard. All you need is a cardboard box, a cutter and some paint. To start, cut the box in half along the width and cut the sides of the half-box at an angle. Then just repaint the cardboard and fix it.

Finally, if you want to make a bigger shelf, you need old wooden crates, paint, and desk clips. Depending on your needs, have fun creating different volumes. Feel free to stagger the boxes between them and leave blanks. Then apply the paint. Experiment with color charts to bring it all out. Then assemble the shelves with desk clamps that just clip in and you’re done.

Turn an old tire into a design pouf

For this operation, you need a jigsaw, a screwdriver, a tire, ropes and a glue gun. The first step is to create the base. Start by tracing the inner contour of the tire. Then saw the material that will serve as the base with the help of the jigsaw. Assemble by screwing the base onto the tire.

Apply a dot of glue in the center and wrap the rope while gluing it. The base must be completely covered with the rope. Make sure that it adheres perfectly to the material to prevent it from coming off easily during use. Depending on your desires, you can even add wheels so that the pouf becomes mobile. Once all these steps have been completed, clean the tire. Your new pouf is finally ready to be used. Do not hesitate to put it outside to further highlight it.

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