Redesigning your living room on a budget: 9 tips and solutions

You can no longer see your sofa even in paint and you are tired of your living room. In short, you want renewal between the four walls of your main room and you don’t know how to go about it? Here are 9 tips and tricks that can allow you to beautify the heart of your home with little money. All you need is to have fun with new elements that will cost you little money and a little creativity!

1 – Start “small” and if necessary change more often

Trying out new trends is great fun, but before investing in bigger pieces of furniture or expensive items, a tried-and-true trick can help: start with small accessories like decor and textiles to test if you really love this trend. Changing the cushions, covers or plaids is a good way to give your living room a new impetus in no time. So you can achieve maximum effects with minimum effort. Invest in fabrics in current trend colors and occasionally replace details such as your wall decorations or candle holders and chandeliers.

2 – Customize your current furniture

Do you only have family furniture or furniture in your home that you consider cheap and have you seen enough of it? Conversely, it seems to you that the trend has made innovations in colors, textures, etc. have evolved ? Now is the time to give your furniture a makeover. For example, reupholster an old armchair in a stunning new fabric or customize your sideboard with a new coat of paint and new buttons. It doesn’t take much to restore character to a piece of furniture. The web is full of awesome DIY tricks.

3 – Group your decorative items

Rather than swarming your decorative items in your living room, group them together. Stage them by odd number – it appears that odd numbers would be more harmonious. And hop three vases, and over here three frames…

4 – Add indoor plants

It’s no longer a secret: indoor plants automatically breathe more life into your living room! For example, create a place in the room that will be your plant corner. Vary the height and type of plant to create your own little “jungle”: see which ones only need to be misted occasionally, which ones should always be kept moist, which ones love the sun, etc. Let them hang from the ceiling in elegant macrame hanging baskets or set them free on a shelf or side table. Even simple green branches will do the trick and bring nature into your home. The choice of vases can also be very simple: if they are skillfully arranged, empty and elegant bottles can easily look great!

5 – Stay sober in the decoration

If your living room is rather small, it can quickly look cluttered if you put too much furniture and decoration in it. So take advantage of this new look to store your small items in boxes and sort your unused items. And choose a white lifestyle theme like the Scandinavian style and stick to it. This consistency will show that you have well thought out your decoration and that you have good taste! This goes for your shelves: to maintain consistency, make sure that their contents are in a fairly similar color palette. It seems like a lot of work, but in the end it’s quite easy to implement.

6 – Display art on the walls of your living room

Whether as a collage, with or without a frame, black and white photographs of people, paintings or landscapes, family photos or children’s pictures: picture walls make your walls look more elegant, personal and warm. As said before, it is better to gather everything on a wall instead of spreading out over the room.

7 – Transform the function of your objects

Hack your furniture! The term hacker in English originally referred to someone breaking into computer systems. Now it can also apply to decoration. Hacking an ordinary piece of furniture or hacking it means creatively transforming it into an original unique piece. So your furniture or accessories can be intelligently reused with the help of little tricks. For example, turn a pretty saucer into a soap dish, recycle old cups as individual storage for your makeup brushes or small porcelain bowls for your jewelry. What will be your most creative hack?

8 – Add a reading corner to your living room

Is there still an unused corner in your living room? Turn it into a cozy reading nook. All you need is an armchair, a small side table, some nice lighting and some green plants on the shelf behind or on the table. And a good book, of course!

9 – Change the layout of your furniture

This advice is purely free and it works wonders! Just move your furniture from time to time. A very small change can create a whole new spatial impression. Swap your dining room table with your sideboard, reposition your sofa – be open to new ideas. You will be surprised by the new sensation! You live at home, so the main thing is that you feel comfortable there.

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