Redoing your kitchen on a budget: 10 tips and solutions

Are you at the stage where you have to decide? What are we redoing: the bathroom or the kitchen? Your budget does not allow you to do both. Do you know that there are tips for redoing your kitchen on a small budget? So maybe those wall tiles that you find dated or those kitchen cupboards that seem dated to you will soon be history? Renovation ! your kitchen tells you. No money ! your wallet answers you. How to reconcile the two? By finding ideas that are so to speak “costless” or very cheap. Here are 10 tips and solutions that may not radically transform your kitchen, but will make it neater, neater and ultimately more attractive.

1. Repaint your wall tiles

How to give your kitchen a new look without spending a lot and going fast? All you have to do is repaint your wall tiles. Nothing’s easier. You start by thoroughly cleaning your tiles. If it is a tiling that serves as a splashback, degrease it well. Then apply the paint quickly and cleanly with a roller. Finally, wipe off small marks with acetone. You will love the result.

2. Replace cupboard door handles

If you are not really conquered by the door handles of your kitchen cupboards, nothing prevents you from replacing them. You can choose pretty, sleek metallic handles. This immediately gives your kitchen a style. You will find it easily, especially with certain brands that offer it at very attractive prices.

3. Free up work space

Empty work surfaces not only ventilate the space, they also ventilate the mind. Store, hang but clear your worktops. With little effort, you get a big result that is sure to have an impact. Kitchens in which there is chaos and where nothing seems to have a permanent place actually look unattractive. For a nicer, brighter and more convenient cooking and prep area, you definitely need to make sure everything is clear. How ? With drawer organizers, wall strips for hanging, closed high cabinets and uniform storage boxes that visually convey calm and help keep things tidy.

4. Invest in drawer or closet organizers

To save you from looking for items in your kitchen, treat yourself to organizers. They are basically dividers that allow you to put everything in its place. With such allies, no more untimely searches. This can also apply to your refrigerator. Do you open your fridge and the door stays open for a few minutes because what you are looking for is hidden in the farthest corner of the fridge? Opt for storage baskets!

5. Repaint your furniture

To give a facelift to furniture that you find dull or old, you can simply repaint it. If your rustic kitchen has had its day, repaint its cupboards in a beautiful matte black or a pretty Scandinavian white or in the color of your choice. Currently, all supports can be repainted. You just need to prepare them well. Clean and degrease well before applying paint.

6. Change your credenza

Another possibility to beautify the kitchen your kitchen without resorting to substantial expenses is to change your credenza. One solution among many others remains the decorations that are glued, in other words decorative stickers. Cover your broken, damaged or unwanted credenza. A simple pattern that you like can spice up the decoration of your kitchen again.

7. Make your dishes a decorative object

Do you have beautiful dishes or plates sleeping at the back of your cupboards? That’s a shame ! It is clearly a waste. Show off all that potential! Display your crockery on open shelves or in the display case. It will give your kitchen a much livelier look.

8. Replace your taps

This is undoubtedly one of the keys to renovating your kitchen. You can change a lot of things, but if you change your taps, you are sure to get the “wow” effect. Replace your standard faucet with a chic design model and your sink will take on a whole new dimension. Your kitchen as a whole will look more elegant.

9. Treat yourself to new kitchen linens

Textiles are also a great way to spruce up your kitchen on a budget and with almost no effort. Choose your favorite design, then coordinate dishcloths, potholders, aprons, napkins and more. You will see: choosing all these elements in the same pattern or the same color immediately brings coherence to your room. And in no time!

10. Bring nature into your kitchen

Think of plants, they bring a little something extra to your home. Fresh herbs on your windowsill are ideal for cooking, as they are not only visually pleasing, but also appeal to all the other senses and, by the way, spice up your daily food. Long live the aromatic herbs directly in the kitchen!

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