Renovating your apartment from A to Z: the essential steps

That’s it, you’ve finally realized your dream of becoming a homeowner. Only, some renovation work will have to be done if you want to arrange the premises as you wish. Let yourself be guided.

Define the project

Whether for a small or a large renovation, completely upsetting an apartment generates substantial costs. This is why you have to take the time to prepare your project well without rushing. Each decision must be made after careful consideration, but above all after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

And to be able to know the amount you will eventually have to pay, know that you can request quotes here. The first step then consists of defining the nature of the work that may be scheduled. Is it to completely redecorate with a view to personalizing the premises according to your tastes and aspirations? In this case, you can only settle for replacing the flooring, or repainting the walls, woodwork and ceilings.

However, if your objective is to completely restructure the accommodation by building a mezzanine, installing bay windows or renovating the sanitary facilities, for example, the bill may be much higher. For your information, don’t forget that you can benefit from state aid for renovations to improve the thermal performance of your home.

Make an estimate of the work

You will have every interest in multiplying the estimates in order to determine precisely the budget to be allocated to these heavy works. Moreover, in order not to be mistaken in its calculations, the wisest decision is to seek the advice of professionals. And to already get an idea of ​​the amounts to be released, know that to redo your electrical installation, count on average 100 €/m2. It’s also the same amount you’ll have to pay to repaint every room in your apartment, as well as installing your new heating system.

In addition, for the total overhaul of your plumbing, allow between 125 and 150 €/m2. Now in terms of major renovation such as the installation of a fitted kitchen, the development of a veranda, or the installation of new partitions, it is not less than 500 € per square meter, or even more , depending on the scope of the work and the choice of materials.

Choose the provider

The third and last essential step is the selection of the service provider(s) insofar as their remuneration must also be included in the budget. To save precious euros, some owners decide to do everything themselves. This is quite possible in the event of small refreshment work on a studio or a few rooms in the apartment.

On the other hand, for the consequent upheavals, it is more judicious to call upon the know-how and the competence of a professional. Many possibilities then present themselves to you. If you have the means, you can entrust everything to a contractor. Quite expensive, this solution remains the most practical since you receive your turnkey renovated apartment, the project manager taking care of all the follow-up.

The other alternative is to recruit artisans one by one. Plumber, electrician, mason, painter, tiler, decorator, heating engineer… This is the most economical option. But it will take your time to monitor the work. Finally, in case of redistribution of rooms or optimization of spaces, nothing beats the intervention of an architect.

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