Renovation price of an electrical installation: cost quotes and advice

Renovating an electrical installation consists of redoing the electricity in your home, which tends to deteriorate over time and become obsolete with regard to changing standards. Ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones is essential to limit the risk of incident and danger. Let’s find out together what an electrical renovation consists of, in its partial or complete forms, the budget that should be provided for and the factors likely to change prices.

What budget should be considered for renovating an electrical installation?

Although each project has its specificities and therefore its own budget, it is possible to roughly estimate the amount that will have to be spent on renovating an electrical installation. This budget is estimated per square meter.

A partial renovation costs between 80 and 120 euros per square meter. It includes the diagnosis of the installation, the replacement of certain cables, the replacement of the electrical panel, certain switches and some sockets as well as the safety of the device.

A complete renovation costs 120 to 150 euros excluding heating, and 150 to 200 euros including heating. It includes the diagnosis of the installation, the replacement of all the cables, all the wires, the electrical panel, the switches and the sockets, as well as the bringing into conformity of the network.

Of course, the prices communicated to you here comply with the safety standards in force NF C 15-100 expected for the electrical renovation of a home.

What are the factors to be taken into account that are likely to cause prices to change?

The cost of renovating your electrical installation will depend on several criteria.

  • The surface of your home, because the price will obviously increase with the evolution of this one, although the price per square meter is reduced with their multiplication.
  • The nature of your work.
  • The general condition of your site, namely the condition of the circuits, equipment and materials to be replaced. In other words, should you opt for a complete or partial renovation?
  • The type of installation and the materials and equipment required. You can indeed choose between a recessed installation, more expensive, but invisible, an exposed installation, less expensive, but also less aesthetic, or a mixed solution that combines the two methods.
  • The rates charged by the professional hired.
  • The geographic area in which you reside. Rates are indeed higher in large cities, and they vary greatly from one electrician to another.

The price of an electrical renovation item by item

During an electrical renovation, there are three main operating stations:

  • Renovation of the electrical panel;
  • Renovation of sockets and switches;
  • Renovation of the connection.

Renovation of the electrical panel

This operation involves renovating the switchboard that ensures the safety and organization of the electrical installation in your home. It remains the element most frequently changed in the context of electrical renovations. The switchboard forms the link between the public electricity network and the installations in your home.

  • A bare electrical panel costs 8 to 150 euros, installation included.
  • A connection circuit breaker which ensures the connection between the network and the installations of the dwelling costs 60 to 130 euros installation included.
  • A differential circuit breaker, for the safety of equipment, costs 20 to 200 euros including installation.
  • A divisional circuit breaker, to protect household appliances in the event of overvoltage, costs 5 to 100 euros including installation.

On average, it is estimated that installing a new electrical panel costs between 600 and 2,000 euros, compared to 300 to 1,200 euros for upgrading.

Price of electrical outlets and switches

Electrical outlets and switches are particularly stressed on a daily basis in a home. Their wear is therefore real, even if it is rarely observable with the naked eye.

  • Depending on its amperage, the price of an electrical outlet can vary between 4 and 50 euros. Count a total of 20 to 200 euros, installation included.
  • The sockets of the light outlets now look like snap-in plugs, relegating the dominoes to a state of outdated antiquity. More secure and more practical, they generally fall within the scope of electrical renovations. Count 5 euros on average per piece, excluding installation.
  • The cost of a switch varies between 80 and 160 euros depending on its type.

Electrical connection price

This is the renovation of the electrical circuit. This part of the budget is the lowest, but it still needs to be included in your calculation. Count 0.50 to 40 euros per meter of electric wire, the cost evolving according to their specificities and their level of finish.

It is essentially the installation technique that impacts the total cost.

  • The recessed technique is more expensive, but also more discreet and aesthetic. The wires are hidden in the wall, which requires the digging of trenches which must then be covered.
  • The apparent technique remains less aesthetic, but it is more economical. The wires and installations remain on the surface and are hidden by baseboards or moldings.

The cost of labor for electrical work

Using a professional electrician for its electrical renovation is essential. Only a qualified and competent craftsman will be able to advise you on the devices to install and the equipment to buy to gain comfort and safety while saving money. In addition, the installation of certain materials and electrical equipment requires precise know-how and specific tools.

Even if the price can vary from simple to double, even to triple, according to the professionals and according to the regions, on average an electrician charges 25 to 75 euros HT each hour of work.

Electrical renovation: what are the advantages?

Renovating an electrical installation is essential to secure your home and to properly distribute the current to the different rooms. The electrical panel is a kind of central point, like a brain. It makes the link between the electricity distributed by the public network and the various equipment in your home.

Like everything in a house, the electrical installation degrades over time. It is therefore necessary to have to replace certain elements from time to time. In addition, electrical standards and regulations are changing. As such, it is therefore not possible to sell a property that does not comply with the standards in force without carrying out work. A diagnosis is always requested to highlight the anomalies.

A dilapidated and/or non-compliant home represents a danger and remains the main cause of domestic accidents. Any user risks being electrocuted, causing a short circuit or even a fire. Particular care should be taken with wet rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen. The NF C15-100 standard must imperatively be respected to avoid any danger through contact between water and electric current. You should also know that in the event of an incident due to a faulty, dilapidated or substandard electrical installation, your insurer is entitled to refuse to compensate you for the damage.

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