Repainting a kitchen: what is the budget with a painter what is the budget done by oneself?

The kitchen is the room in the house that most frequently requires real repair. It is daily subjected to cooking vapours, fats, odors… in short, if you want to prepare good meals in a universe that is always impeccable and ultra trendy, you don’t hesitate to play with the brush. You might as well reserve a small budget dedicated to the renovation of your kitchen. Let’s find out how much it costs if you stick to it or (if you’re more savvy in the kitchen than in DIY) what are the prices charged by the pros.

Kitchen paint: the advantages

When we wish give your kitchen a facelift, it is better to opt for a mural adapted to this type of room than for a wallpaper. The reason is simple: a washable paint is easier to remove and degrease than wallpaper even if it too is washable. Choosing a paint specifically designed for the kitchen allows you to benefit from a long-lasting coating.

Painting for the kitchen has many other advantages, namely:

  • Its many decorative assets because it is available in a multitude of colors and allows unsuspected material effects,
  • Offered in satin, matte or gloss finish,
  • Anti greaseit contains components that form a kind of protective film,
  • Specially designed for wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom), it is anti mold because it contains a fungicide. It can therefore cope with humidity problems.
  • Retains its qualities even after several washing sessions.
  • Also suitable for the ceiling.

It is very easy to achieve excellent results in just a few hours, because the paint sets quickly. This is a frequently used solution for renovate your kitchen under the home staging for example, that is to say when it is essential to refresh certain rooms in the house before selling your property.

Paint allows so many possibilities that you want to change it often. This allows decoration enthusiasts to apply every twelve months in their kitchen the Pantone color of the year in order to follow ultra-trendy decoration codes to the letter…

Kitchen paint: how much does it cost?

Even if it means moving everything to change paint, you might as well choose a good quality perfectly suited to this humid, greasy universe that is constantly exposed to significant temperature variations. In addition, a good quality paint is generally easier to apply than an entry-level paint, and it has all the advantages that one is looking for in a paint for wet rooms.

What expense should I plan for if I do the painting work myself?

The price per m² of kitchen paint varies according to the following criteria:

  • The quality,
  • The texture,
  • The components,
  • Finishing,
  • The effects,
  • The coverage capacity,
  • The brand.

We therefore have the choice among the following varieties:

  • Glycero paint suitable for the kitchen: from 2 to 12 €/M²,
  • Special renovation kitchen paint : from 3 to 11 €/M²,
  • Acrylic paint for kitchen: from 2 to 6 €/M².

For example: if you want to repaint the four walls of your 4 x 5 m kitchen, to a height of 2 m, you have to buy enough to cover 40 M² in a single coat or 80 M² if you want to put a second coat of paint. The budget needed to repaint your kitchen yourself under these conditions with the best quality of each type of paint adapted to this environment is:

  • €480 for a single layer of glycero,
  • €440 for a single coat of kitchen renovation paint,
  • €240 for a single coat of special kitchen acrylic paint.

To this should be added fifty euros for brushes, rollers and cleaning products such as White Spirit.

What are the prices applied by professionals to repaint my kitchen?

Prices for painting professionals vary. It is therefore recommended to ask for three or four had to in order to compare the prices practiced but also the services and the quality of the paint used for remodel a kitchen. The quote from a professional painter includes:

  • Supplies (including paint),
  • Peeling off the wallpaper if necessary,
  • Washing and preparation of surfaces to be repainted (walls and/or ceiling),
  • Caulking of the floor, furniture, worktop and household appliances,
  • Laying the paint (several coats including a finishing coat are necessary),
  • End of construction cleaning.

The price range applied for the installation of a painting on the ceiling is 47 to 50 €/h. It is 42 to 45 €/h to repaint the kitchen walls. Of course, these are rates for standard work.

Depending on the configuration of the kitchen and the difficulties that may arise from it, the prices are likely to vary upwards. The service chosen also has an impact on the quote. For example, if the customer wants bring a very designer touch to your kitchen, it may require a special finish. This type of work can be invoiced 150 to 180 €/h.

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