Repainting a living room and changing furniture for a new look!

The renovation and restoration of the living room can be very expensive, especially if the objective is to completely redesign the room. The other less expensive alternative is to repaint the walls and replace the furniture.

Repaint your living room

It goes without saying that brand new furniture, even if it is both design and modern, is unfortunately far from sufficient to redefine the central room that the living room represents, unless you decide to completely repaint the walls: this fact, nothing better to personalize this place of life. But which atmosphere to choose?

Here, it is necessary to take into consideration the uses of this part of the house, which is generally very busy. In addition, one also receives friends, acquaintances and relatives. Already very aggressive, bright shades should be avoided unless you apply them only to a section of the wall. It is ideal if you want to bring a little touch of gaiety to the whole. Dark tones are also to be avoided, as they risk altering the brightness of the room. This is why it is necessary to favor neutral and soothing atmospheres such as pastels, for example.

And the must is to combine three colors; it is quite possible as long as they are in contrast or in harmony with the chromatic circle. In addition, the flooring, the ceiling and the materials of the furniture also play an important role when repainting the living room. Hence the decision of some people who prefer to entrust this responsibility to professional decorators. This avoids particularly unsightly faults of taste. However, you can completely take on this task yourself. To do this, you must have the necessary equipment in your possession, namely paintbrushes, a roller, brushes, a tray, a stepladder, etc. For paint, choose ecological ranges that contain few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), level indicated on the jars in the form of a graduated scale. The areas to be painted should also be cleaned and prepared carefully.

Choice and arrangement of furniture in the living room

This renewal is all the more recommended when the furniture is dated and begins to lose aesthetics, but above all comfort. We will not cease to insist on the importance of furnishings in the development of this room. Remember that the living room is the nerve center of a house or an apartment. So, before going around furniture stores and online sales sites, the first instinct is to take into account the space available to you.

Are you going to opt for a large sofa, for armchairs or benches? What about their shape and size? You have two possibilities, namely a block set or separate sofas and armchairs. Corner and armless models are ideal for small rooms.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to take into account the material of the covering of the seats. Elegant, classy and timeless, leather is the most coveted. However, the textile seduces a lot for its wide range of colors, prints and patterns. But in this case, prefer models with covers that can be cleaned.

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