Retro and vintage bathroom: 6 ideas to exploit

Today, most bathrooms are white, with white tiles and white walls. But that was not the case in the past. This is why some tend to go back and opt for retro and vintage decoration. They mix old furniture with modern furniture, make relevant paint effects and adorn their bathroom with finds more original than each other. It’s a great way to give personality to a very personal and intimate room.

In order to truly transform your bathroom into a retro wonderland, you need to consider everything from the bathtub to the sinks, lighting, floor and walls. Here are 6 easy ways to create a vintage and retro bathroom.

The bathtub and sinks

These are the key elements of the bathroom. Those who will give the whole tone of the room. Unearth a bathtub and make it take center stage in your bathroom, it’s what will bring all its character to the space. Old-fashioned bathtubs are traditionally rounded in shape, most often free-standing and mostly made of cast iron. You can accompany it with basins, which at the time were square in shape. You can also opt for very large elongated basins, both original and practical.

The faucets

If you choose the retro and vintage option for your bathroom, faucets are a must. Of course, you can install a vintage faucet. But some brands offer ones that are in an old style although brand new. These are made from the highest quality materials. They delight all lovers of design from years gone by.

The walls

The coating

When it comes to tiling, there is so much to choose from that you can really have fun with. Select a style that matches the desired decorating era. In addition to the floor, you can glue the tile to the wall. Lay your tiles from the ceiling to mid-height and choose a baroque pattern.

You can also choose wallpaper, but it’s really more risky. If your bathroom is family, with a lot of passage, forget the idea. But otherwise, a nice graphic wallpaper with a beautiful pattern can complete your retro and vintage decoration.

The colour

A vintage bathroom cabinet with a pretty floral paper remains a must. If the wallpaper scares you, you can simply put a credenza with a floral pattern. Then apply a beautiful pale pink color and voila. With a baroque bathtub, as long as the floor and the ceiling remain white, you can afford a lot of colors. A blue for example, bringing depth, will be the most beautiful effect.


Do you dream of a huge 1930s-style chandelier at the heart of your bathroom? For security reasons, it is probably not recommended. Place spotlights above the tub instead. And bet on mirrors or period sconces that work perfectly. You can also find very ornate and more elaborate candles and candle holders. The good thing about vintage is that it makes it easy to mismatch. So you can mix the sconces. You can also easily fall for golden lighting elements.

The floor covering

The coating

Tile remains the most practical floor covering for the bathroom. You can find great vintage tiles at most DIY stores. You can, if you are more adventurous, and if you use your bathroom sparingly, opt for parquet. This will bring a lot of cachet to the room and create consistency with your retro and vintage decoration.

The colour

For a 1930s style bathroom, black tiles will look great. If black and white do not suit you and are too strong a bias, you always have the option of selecting more subtle colors. Choose, for example, terracotta, in shades of gray. It’s a great solution for a vintage bathroom.
The accessories

The best for the end ! It’s all the must-have details like mirrors, towel racks, cabinets, plants, candles, etc. When it comes to mirrors, the retro and vintage look has many ornate frames in the style of the 1920s, 1930s, 1960s, etc. These objects finalize a retro atmosphere in a bathroom: they are often the ones that give it all its charm. You can create a full wall of mirrors and you can introduce pocket mirrors for an even more stunning result. As for towel racks, it’s not easy to find old ones. If you find vintage ones, nothing prevents you from painting them to match your bathroom. To be diehard, push the retro and vintage theme to the front door. Why not place a pretty decoration in the shape of a heart? And then, if you’re the type to polish, consider finding a toilet brush in the theme and a soap dispenser adorned with baroque curves! There is a fine line between retro vintage nostalgia and absolute kitsch: so be very careful!

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