Road works : definition what is the relation with the construction of a home ?

We talk about VRD work to describe everything related to roads and various networks. This field of work is very wide in a house construction site. If you are looking to build your house, it is in your best interest to learn about HHTs in the context of house construction. Because it represents a certain budgetary envelope. These are indeed essential amenities, regardless of the type of housing or expansion you are considering.

What are VRD works?

VRD work for Roads Networks Various is a very wide field of work. They refer to all pipeline, drainage, development and circulation works located around buildings or structures; it is in particular they who make it possible to make viable a land to be built. These are complex but essential arrangements. They are linked to earthworks, access roads and access to all networks: water, electricity, gas, etc.


What is terracing? It is a phase that occurs before the construction of a building, whether it is a dwelling, an industrial or commercial building or a work of art – in other words a bridge or a road. The earthwork is an integral part of the VRD network, because it makes it possible to lay out the trenches and prepare the ground to extend the various networks from a serviced land to the dwelling. On a construction site, the position of the building must be considered. The exact location of the construction on the property is determined, then the access roads and the limits of the property. Then we start digging. The earthworks have started. Of course, you know in advance if you will find a rock or not, and if the ground will be difficult to dig or not. All of this was anticipated. Notably :

Road works

VRDs are particularly important in public works, since they mainly concern the paving of streets and roads. Anything to do with roads, sidewalks, etc.

VRD works concern public space but not only.


VRD works also include all water drainage networks such as waste water. VRD sanitation work includes the creation of trenches to accommodate the pipes, the laying of sand or gravel to accommodate these pipes, the installation of sheaths if necessary and the backfilling of the trenches.

Various networks

We must not forget the connection to all the other water supply networks, electricity, gas, telephone networks and other telecommunication networks according to the needs of the inhabitants.

VRD works: what is the relationship with the construction of a house?

As you will have understood, VRDs designate a whole field of work which makes it possible to connect a building and in particular a house under construction to the various existing networks. This is an essential step in building a home. This work designates not only the connection of a building to the various electricity, water and gas networks, but also the embellishment work which aims to make these networks invisible to the naked eye, in particular by burying the pipes underground, by means of earthworks.

So, if you are planning to build a house, naturally think about the costs that will be incurred.

Buying a house and having a house built do not involve the same expenses. In order to be able to plan correctly, these VRD costs must be included in the financing and must in no case be neglected. The costs of electrical connection to the site during the construction phase must be taken into account, but also those to an electricity and gas network. In fact, it is a question of considering all VRD works which include:

  • Connection to the electrical network
  • Connection to the gas network
  • Connection to the water supply
  • Connection to an individual or collective sanitation and waste water disposal network
  • Connection to the telephone network, DSL and Internet
  • The works necessary to make the house accessible by road.

VRD works: the points to be addressed

You are about to build or expand your home. VRD work is therefore to be expected. Here is a memo of the essential points to remember.

  • Preparatory work: the cleaning of your land, the possible demolition of elements, the excavation of earth and its storage, the carriage of surplus materials to the landfill or recycling center, the embankments, the restoration of the earth
  • Wastewater networks
  • Rainwater network
  • water network
  • Telephone networks
  • Electrical networks
  • Exterior lighting
  • Roads

What are the VRD regulations?

VRD works are subject to regulations and standards: the health and safety of residents is always at stake. So does environmental protection. For example, we don’t do what we want when it comes to water connections: there are laws to respect. Standards, such as NF P 03-001 relating to private markets, for example, also apply.

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