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Enough is enough ! You can no longer endure for years the nuisance caused by the birds that have taken up residence in your attic. What if the solution was simply to dress your under-roof with a sparrow cover ?

What does the covering under the roof or sparrow cover consist of?

The sparrow screen, the roof box or even the under-roof covering is a particularly effective device for preventing birds from invading the attic and attic. Indeed, on many constructions, more particularly when the overhang of the roof beams is too great, an opening often forms between the upper facade and the underside of the roof allowing the passage of birds.

Generally it is the pigeons, the sparrows and occasionally the bats which are in question. Thus, by closing these entry points using a under-roof cladding, the sparrow cover, as its name suggests, will prevent the entry of these pests. Is it necessary to ask? Undoubtedly since in the long term and in a constant way, the presence of these feathered animals can only have harmful effects on the wooden structures and the electrical installations of the building.

And that’s not to mention the noise caused by their presence. It’s true, pigeons are very cute, but their cooing, their chases and their frequent nocturnal fights in the attic can quickly be a source of stress, nervousness, but especially insomnia. In addition, in large quantities, avian droppings or guanos are very dangerous for health, especially if there are children in the house, because they are the cause of serious respiratory problems, asthma and allergy.

How to put a sparrow cover?

Chasing sparrows and pigeons from your attic will not be enough to get rid of them permanently, even if you call on a professional. In addition, this service can be expensive. Think of the expenses incurred if you have to schedule two or three sessions during the year. The only drastic solution to this problem is the installation of roof boxes. In addition, this little DIY job is within everyone’s reach.

Just follow the instructions in this article and installing a sparrow hide will be a snap for you. To properly protect your attics and attics, you will need paneling that you will attach to the rafters of the roof. Thereafter, to condemn the passage of birds, fill the sparrow cover with hemp wool or glass wool, taking care not to obstruct the ventilation in the event of the presence of an attic. Handling glass wool is a source of itching and skin irritation, wear gloves.

The next step is the fixing of other paneling which will be to the exact dimensions of your under-roof covering. These will serve as a facade that you will cover aesthetically with slate tiles, or that you can paint according to the general style of your house.

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