Rose aphid : how to treat naturally ?

It is common to see an invasion of aphids on roses, which are not the only victims of these undesirables. Different species of aphids invade both the pleasure garden and the vegetable patch and it is necessary to react quickly to eradicate them because it does not take them long to weaken the plants. They are vectors of fungal and viral diseases very damaging. As far as roses are concerned, the risks to be feared are the total destruction of the flower buds as well as the buds and the cessation of the development of the whole plants. Here are the best solutions for naturally treating roses against aphids.

Olive oil against rose aphid

This natural remedy is obtained simply by adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil at 2 liters of water. After having shaken this preparation well, you must directly spray the leaves of the rosebush (above and below), the buds, the buttons and the stems. Ideally, we treat in the early evening, and it is possible to repeat the operation a few days later. This 100% natural anti-aphid remedy is of formidable efficiency because the aphids are smothered very quickly.

Garlic decoction to eradicate rose aphids

Thanks to its powerful smell, garlic is a excellent repellent against aphids and we can also highlight its antifungal properties. To treat, just put 10 garlic cloves in 2 liters of water which is brought to a boil until reduced by about 30%. All that remains is to filter. After it has completely cooled, the liquid is sprayed on all parts of the roses. The pods can be buried at the base of the plants.

A black soap preparation to treat roses against aphids

A quick result is obtained by spraying the roses with a mixture composed of 40 g de bicarbonate de sodium, 2 liters of water et 6 tablespoons black soap. Shake the mixture well before using it, then spray the roses generously, not forgetting the underside of the leaves. With this 100% natural shock treatment, aphids have little chance of getting away with it.

Coffee grounds to repel rose aphids

It is a pity to throw away your coffee grounds because they do great service to the gardener. For example, we appreciate its effectiveness in terms of aphid prevention which severely attack roses. To avoid the appearance of these parasites, it is advisable to treat roses as a preventive measure with coffee grounds, a 100% natural repellent which acts against aphids but also against ants. To do this, simply collect the coffee grounds each morning after breakfast and place them at the foot of the rosebushes. The good idea is to get closer to the local coffee shop to be able to collect a larger quantity of marc, especially if you have several roses to protect against aphids.

Nettle manure for a curative but also preventive action against aphids

To prepare nettle slurry, let it macerate in a plastic container (and especially not metallic) 500 g young nettle shoots coarsely chopped in 5 liters of water for 36 hours at 18°C. This preparation must then be filtered and can be kept for a few weeks. Be careful, nettle manure is used after being diluted (1 volume of manure for 10 volumes of water) because it is extremely concentrated. Another thing to know: it smells very bad but it is really effective both preventively and curatively.

Rhubarb macerate to eliminate rose aphids

The acidity of rhubarb acts effectively against these undesirables capable of ransacking an entire rose garden. Simple to prepare, this macerate is obtained by infusing 200g rhubarb stalks cut into pieces in 2 liters of boiling water. It only remains to filter to use in vaporization this mixture after its complete cooling.

Finally, it should be noted that the addition of fertilizers rich in nitrogen favors the invasion of aphids. It is therefore essential not to overuse fertilizers in the garden. On the other hand, we recommendget rid of ants quickly which invade the stems of roses using glue, because to feed on the honeydew excreted by aphids they find no better way than to raise them! It is a vicious circle which it is better to escape if you want to keep your roses in good shape and enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of roses from May until November.

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