Sabre saw : the different models for which use ?

For everyday DIY or for construction and renovation work, saber saws are an essential part of the toolbox. Online stores offer wide ranges of saber saws, available for individuals and professionals. For your work requiring precision cuts, saber saws will perfectly meet your expectations. However, what are the different models and for what use?

Description of saber saw

The saber saw is a derivative of the handsaw, but better, because it is an electric saw. This saw can cut many materials such as wood, metal, steel, plaster, PVC and many more. However, it is necessary to adapt the appropriate blades for each material to be cut. It is an easy tool to handle, due to its flexible blade. Its use requires very little adjustment. Simply place the blade on the saw head and set the speed. Saber saws are powerful and fast, capable of cutting all kinds of materials, whether hard or soft.

Different saber saw models

There are several types of saber saws, namely wired electric saber saws, cordless saber saws and pneumatic saber saws. Corded electric saber saws are used for long-term work. On the other hand, cordless saber saws, equipped with a battery, are ideal for routine DIY work and for reaching less accessible areas. Pneumatic saber saws, on the other hand, are dedicated to professionals for work on construction sites.

Using a saber saw and its advantages

The greatest advantage of a saber saw is that it can be used on various materials with the corresponding blade. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the blade is adapted to the type of material to be cut and to take the density into account in order to avoid any malfunction or even deterioration of the tool. Another advantage is that the blades can be changed manually without using screwdrivers or pliers.

A saber saw can be used for small DIY jobs at home, but also for construction work. It is the right tool for getting straight cuts.

The different types of blades are among the essential elements in the use of the saw to obtain satisfactory results. These blades also help prevent the saw from wearing out quickly. Indeed, standard electric saws that have automatic blades often get damaged very quickly after just a few uses.

A saber saw is about 50 cm long, without the blade and has a fairly light weight despite its power. Therefore, it is easy to handle and thus offers great comfort during use.

The saber saw has a minimal vibration and noise level, which makes it possible to avoid the purchase of gloves or earmuffs. It is a pleasant tool to handle, less noisy and less tiring than other electric saws. Another comfort, the speed of the blades is adjustable directly on the machine, which makes it possible to control the cutting at the same time. Finally, the saber saw has an ergonomic handle, which provides a good grip during use.

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