The serfouette a versatile tool for working the soil

Work the soil with a towel and you will ensure a healthy garden, conducive to the development of your plantations. Because only loose, well-aerated soil ensures healthy and strong growth. In the spring in particular, you can use a towel to “open up” the ground often clogged by rain and snow. This allows the soil to dry out better before sowing and planting. Aeration promotes early warming of the soil and stimulates the awakening of soil life. Even during the gardening season, a pruner is a garden tool that always finds opportunities to prove itself. But the following question arises: in what way is the serfouette a versatile tool for working the land?

A towel, a tool that looks like what?

The kitchen towel, whether single or double, is a practical two-in-one device. It is a tool that includes a handle of about 1.20 m with an armhole in which two distinct parts are fixed, one resembling a scraper, the other more pointed (with one or two points). It is this dual arrangement that means it can be used in many ways. And that’s also what makes it a classic gardening tool. With the hoeing blade, you can perform jobs such as weeding, hoeing and leveling, the tip or the teeth are suitable for digging rows of soil for seedlings and aerating the soil. In this regard, the word serfouette comes from the Latin word “circumefodere” which means “to dig around”. The shovel can therefore be used to dig holes but also to pull out old plants when you prepare your soil for winter. The serfouette has regional names. It is also known by the names of houette or rayonnoir.

A particular field of application

Whether it is to refine your beds, especially flowers, your plants in pots or planters, you will not be able to avoid the use of a towel. The sling hook proves to be particularly advantageous for use in tight spaces such as flower beds. In addition, flower borders and vegetable beds require careful treatment during the season, so the use of large devices is less recommended.

The towel, one of the first tools

The pruner and similar tools can undoubtedly be considered the oldest gardening tools in history. They are like a sturdy, straight wooden stick about a meter long with a sharpened and hardened tip. This tool has always been used to perform tasks such as digging, loosening the soil or digging holes for seedlings. This basic configuration is that of many gardening tools today. Over time, other variations have developed from this original model.

How to recognize a quality towel?

Among other things, you will recognize a high quality tool because its “head” is of a holding salt. When it is made of stone, it is forged in one piece. Ideally, your kitchen towel is made of steel – except for the wooden handle, of course. Of course, your kitchen towel will not rust overnight. With a little care, a steel towel has the same lifespan as another version. In any case, you should avoid storing the tool without cleaning it after use. You can also opt for a towel with a stainless steel “head”. Garden tools made of stainless steel are rust-free and therefore very easy to maintain. Welded or perforated sheets, on the other hand, are less resistant and the heavily stressed areas and weld points usually turn out to be the weak points.

What is the price of a towel?

As with many products, there are very inexpensive towelettes and others that are a bit more expensive. You can find tools that exceed twenty dollars. The price of a towel can depend on several elements, including the length of its handle and its “head”, its material – it all depends on whether it is iron, what is the wood of the handle, if it contains plastic, etc. .

How to repair a towel?

It may happen that due to lack of maintenance or robustness of your equipment, it breaks. You are in the garden hoeing and the wooden handle of your kitchen towel breaks. How to do ? Most garden tools consist of a wooden handle. First remove the stuck piece of the handle. If necessary, use a hammer. You may even have to heat the metal. Then push in the new handle, tapping the ground as needed. Attach this handle that needs to hold in place so that you can use your towel.

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