Shade your patio: 5 ideas to put in place

You like summer and enjoy every moment in the sun on your terrace. Only sometimes it is too hot there, in full sun. And of course, you are not going to wait for a cloud to pass to come out on your terrace. So to let the sun shine where you want and to take advantage of this carefree and joyful season of the year, here are some ideas to put in place to shade your terrace. To do this, nothing could be simpler, create a roof for it! Cover your space with a hanging, a natural fiber covering, a fabric and you have a refined space, both comfortable and functional. Because providing shade on your terrace is not just utilitarian, there are many ways to do it that can be decorative and add more to the layout of your outdoor space. And having several support points on which to rest a light veil may be all you need to make the most of your terrace, even in the middle of the day. Because shading your terrace means ensuring a lively and dynamic space that will move throughout the different hours of the day.

In short, with rising temperatures, shade is becoming one of the most valuable assets of our outdoor spaces. And there are indeed solutions that will guarantee you shade, and therefore pleasant temperatures and also privacy. Choose the one that best suits your needs and make it your best ally to enjoy your patio this summer.

Before deciding on one shading system or another, it is recommended to consider several topics. For example, ask yourself the following questions: what is the orientation of your terrace and where does the sun come from, what is the space you have, what are the climatic conditions in your region and what is your budget.

1 – The umbrella

This is the best known solution of all. There are more and more efficient ones. Rotary, 360, semi-circular that can be placed against a wall. Fixed to the wall, the semi-circular canvas parasol does not completely cut off your terrace and can be easily moved around its perimeter to adapt to the movements of the sun. As for the 360 ​​parasol, it turns and can be oriented as you wish. Whether you face the morning, midday or afternoon sun, it assures you of its protection at all times. Shade is guaranteed throughout the day. Remember that umbrellas stay open for many hours, so if you want them to last for many summers, go for quality. That of materials in general but especially that of fabric. Check the labels and any anti-stain treatments. And be aware that the choice of colors is also important: light colors filter the sun’s rays more and therefore bring more light to the covered area. The darker the color, the greater the protection against light intensity.

2 – The shade sail

It is a practical and economical option for shading your terrace. They are usually triangular or square and easily attach to walls and posts with attachments. You can choose one to shade a specific spot or several to cover a larger area. When you install them, place one of the corners at a different level from the other two, rather than completely flat: this will allow rainwater to run off to one side, thus avoiding pooling of water in the hollow. fabric. To guarantee a perfect installation, opt for elastic veils which will allow a perfect tension. There are models made of waterproof material that help reduce the impact of humidity, but remember that their purpose is to block the sun’s rays, not to act as an umbrella. In order for the veil to maintain a good temperature underneath, it is important that the fabric allows air to circulate. Remember that the ideal is to choose your sail according to the climate of your place of residence: if you live in a region with a relatively dry climate and high temperatures, opt for breathable models that bring you freshness . If, on the other hand, the climate is rather humid, choose a waterproof model: it will help you maintain a warm and pleasant atmosphere below.

3 – The pergola

Pergolas bring shade, freshness… and a lot of charm to your decoration! If you opt for a pergola for your terrace, you will not only add value to your outdoor space, but you will also be investing in an effective long-term solution. You will find a wide variety of styles on the market: metal, steel, aluminum or the most timeless in wood. If you opt for a wooden pergola, for example, make sure that it has been protected by a chemical process against fungi, termites and insects and that the wood it is made from is certified guaranteed as coming from sustainable forests. In addition, it is no longer necessary to have a large terrace to have one, since you can buy them in kit form or in separate parts depending on the space you have. If you install a pergola against your house, you avoid overheating your facade and, above all, the stifling heat inside your home. There are spectacular pergolas because of their material or their shape. Install a large pergola above your terrace and you will have the impression of creating an additional room to your living space.

4 – The shade net

If you are looking for a durable, practical and inexpensive solution, the shade net is your best ally. The shade nets are very resistant, require no maintenance and are very easy to install. They are also very versatile: you can use them as a shading solution, as a concealment system to gain privacy or combine them with other materials to create a total screen that protects you from the sun’s rays (for example, to cover the roof of a pergola). As if that were not enough, these meshes are also very useful for the maintenance of orchards and gardens, as they are able to limit excess light and heat, and deter birds and insects.

5 – Natural materials

Natural materials are an ideal choice if you are looking to protect yourself from the sun without creating a blocking screen, as they filter light and bring freshness to the environment. Among the most popular are bamboo, reeds or heather, as they are very decorative, require no maintenance and blend in perfectly with the rest. However, keep in mind that since these are living materials, you will need to replace them periodically as their appearance changes and deteriorates over time.

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