Solar pool heating: pros cons installation price

The solar pool heater is a device that uses solar energy to heat bathing water. Its use is therefore free and ecological, only its purchase and installation price being to be expected. Efficient, durable, efficient and reliable, solar heating is attracting more and more individuals, in particular because of its many advantages. However, it is not without drawbacks. Let’s discover its characteristics and the budget to plan for its implementation.

How does solar pool heating work?

Solar heating uses solar energy to heat pool water. Suitable for all types of pools, it comes in two categories:

  • the solar panel for swimming pools, rigid, preferred for large pools due to its high performance;
  • the solar carpet for swimming pool, more flexible, which bends and moves according to the needs and the utilities and which is sufficient to heat the small basins.

The solar pool heater has solar collectors to capture the sun’s energy and transform it into heat before transferring it to the bathing water. A pump circulates the water in the pool and captures the cold water to pass it through this heating device before pouring it back into the pool. It is therefore heated in this way, but also filtered.

This device works only thanks to solar energy, it does not require any other investment than its purchase. Its use is therefore free, economical and ecological.

However, for solar heating to be effective, it is necessary to place the panels or collectors in strategic places fully exposed to the sun, such as the roofs or the ground surrounding the pool. The roofs are the most exposed to solar radiation, which quickly pays for the investment and quickly heats the pool. However, an installation near the swimming pool reduces the installation costs and facilitates the implementation of the device.

On average, 0.3 square meters of collector can heat 1 cubic mother of water. It is therefore recommended to calculate the volume of water to be heated in order to install the required surface area of ​​solar panels. Of course, needs may vary depending on the technology used, the amount of sunshine in the region, the orientation of the panels or even the desired bathing water temperature.

What are the benefits of solar pool heating?

Solar heating is a solution that has many advantages.

  • Polyvalent: it adapts to all types of pools.
  • Economic: it is economical, since only its purchase cost is to be expected. Its use is indeed free insofar as it is based on solar energy only.
  • Ecological: it is ecological since it is recyclable, it does not pollute the environment and it does not emit any greenhouse gases.
  • Durable: it is more durable than other pond heaters.
  • Easy to install: it is relatively easy to install, especially for the flexible roof or carpet system. The panels require more time and technique, but they can be installed by private individuals.
  • Easy to maintain: solar heating is simple to maintain since simple regular cleaning is sufficient. An oil change is also necessary at the end of the season depending on the model.
  • Efficient: 6 hours of daily sunshine can make it fully work.
  • Performant: the bathing water is continuously heated and retains its heat better than with other heating systems. If it’s too hot, just unplug the sensor.

What are the disadvantages of solar pool heating?

Despite its many advantages, solar pool heating has some disadvantages.

  • Lent: the rise in temperature of bathing water is relatively slow and depends on the amount of sunshine.
  • Nuanced efficiency: the heat of bathing water is linked to sunshine, which makes solar heating less effective in cloudy or overcast weather. Consequently, it is mainly interesting in areas with good sun in spring and summer.
  • His price: if it is free in terms of use, its purchase price is significantly higher than that of other pool heating systems.

What price should be expected for the purchase and installation of solar pool heating?

The use of solar heating to heat the bathing water in your pool is free, which is a major advantage. On the other hand, its installation price is significant and significantly higher than those of other heating devices.

Indeed, it takes between 1,000 euros and 4,000 euros to have solar heating installed for your swimming pool by a professional. This cost varies according to the chosen technology and the surface to be heated. However, if the investment is large, this device is durable and offers a long service life. With proper regular maintenance, it will last you for years and pay for itself quickly.

It is possible to install the solar heater alone to save some money, but this operation is not as simple as it seems for the most sophisticated models. However, with a starting price of around 200 euros, these installation kits are much more interesting for competent DIYers.

To optimize the efficiency of solar pool heating, you can invest in the purchase of a solar cover. This economical system also works for free and will maximize the heat of the pool and keep it longer. Enough to make great additional savings! For its purchase, count between 3 and 10 euros per square meter to be covered.

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