Sowing and planting calendar for the vegetable garden

Gardeners who have good experience no longer even need to consult a specialized calendar to know the right time to sow, transplant and plant in the vegetable garden. But when you want to start gardening or you want to improve your performance when you are still a beginner gardener, in the countryside as in town, it is better to refer to the sowing and planting calendar to get good results.

Before filling your vegetable garden, you must always find out about the specific needs of each plant in order to water enough but not too much, to fertilize, to treat if necessary, but also to install your plants in a soil that is perfectly suitable. with vegetables and at the best possible exposure. This is the secret to enjoying good vegetables from the garden. But here is the essential calendar indicating the periods to be planned for the sowing/transplanting/planting of the main vegetables.

This sowing and planting calendar, month by month, lists the main vegetables and some aromatic plants to be planted in the vegetable garden. This list is therefore not exhaustive. On the other hand, the periods are understood as in a mild climate » and do not take into account any unusual climatic events that may occur here or there, nor regions where extreme cold rages each year and persists beyond winter. It is advisable to inquire before sowing in place, transplanting or planting your vegetables.

Caution: the seedlings in place (meaning sowing in the ground) – which dispenses with having to transplant afterwards – involve waiting until the risk of frost is no longer to be feared (after the ice saints) or concern – during the coldest months of the year – vegetables particularly not chilly. If in doubt, it is better to opt for sowing under shelter, that is to say under chassis. Skilled gardeners sometimes even advise stagger the seedlings 10 or 15 days when living in a region with a harsh climate. The sowing and planting calendar can therefore be consulted for information but it is quite obvious that it must be more or less modified so that it is perfectly adapted to the region and therefore to the climat local.

Finally, the month of December being very light in terms of sowing and planting in the vegetable garden, it is possible to plant in the regions most favored by sunshine and where frosts remain exceptional, some vegetables to be forced or early and to worry about the pleasure garden by installing hellebores and heather, for example, in the sun and sheltered from the prevailing winds.

But this time of year can also be used to treat yourself to some free time. It’s the perfect time to become a creator for a few days, armed with a pad of paper and a few colored pencils in order to draw some garden plans. This makes it possible to plan the next developments, the revegetation of the terrace, the vegetables to be grown according to the space available and the exposure. Contrary to popular belief, the most beautiful gardens are created by hand and not with software.

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