Stainless steel pool: pros cons installation cost

The least we can say is that the stainless steel pool stands out. Fairly recent on the market, this pool is common among some of our European neighbours, but is beginning to impose itself in France because it has a good reputation. It is indeed considered theexcellence. Let’s discover its many advantages, its only drawback, and take stock of the budget to devote to its installation.

Stainless steel swimming pool: a model with multiple advantages

Available in many models, the stainless steel pool can be buried, semi-buried or even above ground, knowing that the latter category is mainly installed indoors and is still not widely sold. Indeed, it is the buried stainless steel swimming pool which is the best-selling of its range today. It is therefore adapted to each configuration and meets the expectations of all swimming enthusiasts wishing to take care of their environment.

The stainless steel swimming pool is made with a material resulting mainly from a mixture of iron, chromium (between 16 and 19%) and carbon (maximum 1.2%) which is calledstainless steel or even thesurgical steel. Another name given to it is marine steel. Be careful not to confuse stainless steel and galvanized steel, the latter material involves the laying of a coating to be perfectly waterproof, which is not the case with stainless steel.

Opting for stainless steel therefore makes it possible to benefit from a absolutely perfect pool the benefits of which are innumerable.

  • Ecological since its High Environmental Quality (HQE) design material is 100% recyclable, by fusion and indefinitely,
  • Corrosion resistant,
  • Which does not require repairs because its structure is very solid, so much so that no repairs are necessary for at least 30 years and no leaks are to be feared,
  • Extremely long-lasting because the stainless steel pool is perfectly resistant to the ravages of time,
  • Very easy to renovate,
  • Ultra simple to maintain and undemanding in this area,
  • 100% waterproof,
  • Not impacted by moderate ground movements since stainless steel is a ductile material,
  • Lightweight,
  • Smooth,
  • With walls soft to the touch,
  • Does not need to be covered with a coating,
  • Modular, because all you have to do is have your pool specialist add stainless steel plates to enlarge your pool,
  • Quick to install since the stainless steel swimming pool is completely manufactured in the factory where its various panels are assembled then welded for impeccable sealing thanks to the arc welding process under inert gas protection (TIG or MIG welding), and it is delivered to the customer in one piece, ready to be installed,
  • Protected from bacteria, fungi and algae that cannot attach to the ultra-smooth stainless steel walls,
  • Water line that never leaves traces on the stainless steel walls,
  • Particularly successful design,
  • Fits like no other pool in a green environment and blends perfectly with houses whose architecture is very refined,
  • Comes in all forms without any limit,
  • Incredibly brilliant,
  • Of incomparable beauty, the stainless steel gives the pool water a color of great intensity.

In any case, here is a list of impressive advantages of which the stainless steel swimming pool can be proud. It is a racy, luxurious, sophisticated element, which brings a lot of refinement to a property and increase without contest the value of real estate.

Note that to arrange your swimming pool with a staircase, ramps, lights, it is imperative to opt for stainless steel also as is also the case for the elements to be sealed.

Stainless steel pool: only one drawback

Finally, we can’t blame the stainless steel pool for anything apart from its prix much more raised than that of other types of swimming pools. It is necessary to count between 2,000 to 4,000 €/m².

Thus, the price is 20,000 € to 40,000 € for a stainless steel pool of 10 m² maximum, and it is advisable to plan a colossal budget of 60,000 to 120,000 € if you wish to afford a swimming pool in 30 m² stainless steel. This amount can be higher when you opt for a totally personalized stainless steel pool, both in terms of its shape and its dimensions… The budget is in any case not negligible, but at this price, you really have thepeace of mind for many years and one can enjoy a highly sophisticated furnishings.

Finally, the setup cost a stainless steel swimming pool obviously depends on many factors, including the configuration of the land, the earthworks to be carried out, the shape of the pool, its size, its depth, the professional you call on… It is imperative to use a online comparator to ask several quotes and compare the services offered as well as the prices. The process does not commit you to anything and is completely free.

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