Staircase: 7 ideas for decorating your staircase

Strangely, while the staircase is a place of passage, it is often a place that is neglected when it comes to decoration. However, it is the place of many comings and goings that the occupants of a dwelling often have to borrow, since it serves many other rooms. It is important to devote more attention to it, because a stairwell has all the assets to release a particular charm. Discover here some great ideas to best arrange your flight of steps.

Take a closer look at your stairwell. It is above all the staircase itself and the banister. But beyond that, your stairwell can be open or closed, with or without a banister, in marble or in concrete: the possibilities are endless. Because today, a stairwell is not a simple functional arrangement, it is also a decorative object. Here are 7 decorative ideas to spruce up your stairwell.

1 – Plants

If your stairwell is bright enough, you can adorn it with plants. Flowers and plants make it warm and create a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, your pots don’t have to be a risk. Don’t trip or trip over them. Reserve your largest plants at your landing. And so that the smaller ones do not constitute an obstacle, place them very close to your ramp or in any case in places that do not obstruct the passage. You can create a nice pedestal in the corner of your staircase. And if you want to combine business with pleasure, you can place baskets at the top and bottom of your steps. How about a pretty wicker basket? Like this, you can place the small objects in it that you want to move up or down.

2 – Holiday memories

You’re the type to bring back holiday souvenirs like fans, masks, palm fronds, etc. ? In short, very conspicuous objects that cannot easily find their place in the middle of your living room. Place them in your stairwell, they will nicely enhance the design and give it a charming je-ne-sais-quoi. And why not renew the decoration each time you return from vacation? This one will remind you of your most beautiful memories of the past year!

3 – Custom risers

Why not decorate your stairs themselves? Take your risers and dress them in a particular color, material, pattern. Many sites offer stickers or stickers to cover them. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. You will find many images on the web. Paste messages, numbers, different colors on each step, different wallpapers, geometric figures such as prints with triangles or stripes, etc.

4 – Mobiles

Mobiles also look attractive in a stairwell. They take up space nicely. And every time you walk past you enjoy it. You can also install them on a landing.

5 – Storage spaces

Does it seem incongruous to dress your staircase with furniture? Even if it seems unusual to you at first glance, a staircase can be considered with furniture. Moreover, the stairwell can be a storage space in itself. You can use the stairwell space to install a bookcase. You can also take advantage of the space under the steps. Some set up a desk there, others a reading or television corner. It’s up to you to use the space wisely. Some have fun transforming the steps themselves into storage lockers.

6 – Light

Like everywhere else in your home, if only for security reasons, light is a key point. Obviously, it adds sparkle in addition to comfort to your stairwell. If your stairwell is a good size, and you have a nice high ceiling, hang chandeliers or substantial light fixtures. Also think of the wall sconces which give an impression of a very intimate cozy atmosphere. Choose your lights according to the desired rendering. Do you want a modern atmosphere? Opt for luminaires with a clear design, in stainless steel or painted metal or recessed spotlights. For a warmer atmosphere, prefer lights made up in a more natural way, such as paper lampshades. You can also line the staircase with multiple light sources. Thus, you show the way to follow! You can almost turn it into an artistic light installation!

7 – Frames

A painting, family photos, large format posters or simply a gallery of frames can very well dress the wall of your staircase. This gives your stairwell a personalized feel and allows those going up and down to stop and observe the visuals in question. Take a look on decoration websites, you will find many inspirations in this area.

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