Steel wool and steel wool: what is the difference? What is the use in DIY ?

You’re probably familiar with steel wool or steel wool from scouring pads, which with soap work wonders on your pots and pans. But steel wool and steel wool have many other uses. They can be used in many cases for other purposes, especially in DIY. So there is no need to spend astronomical sums on cleaning products, even less those whose merits are praised in the media. Do not turn to chemical cleaners because steel wool and steel wool are solutions to many problems. In addition, they are inexpensive and very effective for a large number of surfaces.

What is the difference between steel wool and steel wool?

Steel wool is made from specially coated steel wire. Supplied on huge spools, the yarn is processed with serrated knives and thus cut into fine fibres. Depending on the characteristics of the knife, it is possible to produce different widths of fibers and therefore to buy them with different degrees of fineness: the rolls offering the finest yarn corresponding to steel wool while the coarsest corresponding to wool of steel. Steel wool and steel wool, almost similar except for their thickness, are extremely resistant to tearing, are elastic and their lifespan is in fact unlimited – when handled dry. Steel wool and steel wool can rust when exposed to water and chemicals.

What is the use of steel wool or steel wool in DIY?

Steel wool and steel wool have versatile uses.

Clean metal pots, pans and kitchen utensils

Steel wool or steel wool are the solution to stubborn cooking stains on steel cookware. Soak pots and pans, then use a steel wool kitchen sponge or steel wool scouring pad to remove the toughest stains.

Clean oven and barbecue

For burnt-on food stuck to the bottom of your oven, steel wool or steel wool are a much better alternative to oven cleaners. After your oven’s self-cleaning cycle, use a piece of steel wool or steel wool to remove burnt-on dirt and leave your oven shining like new. The same goes for cleaning your barbecue. After a delicious barbecue, the most annoying chore is cleaning the grill. Use a steel wool or soapy steel wool pad to clean caked-on dirt from griddles, grates and tongs.

Sharpen the scissors

It may sound strange, but cutting steel wool or steel wool with your scissors will make them sharp! A few cuts through the steel wool or steel wool will make the cutting edges of your scissors sharper.

Remove rust from garden tools

Any metal gardening tool eventually rusts. Fortunately, steel wool or steel wool are excellent for removing rust. Just grab a pack of steel wool or steel wool and start polishing your garden tools. They’ll be like new in no time!

Fix a loose screw

It’s an old carpenter’s trick. If the screw hole is too large, wrap some steel wool or steel wool around the screw before screwing it back in. This creates just enough friction to hold the screw firmly in place, and takes less time than plugging the hole and re-drilling your wall.

Preparing the wood for painting or staining

Can’t wait to refinish that freshly sanded wood? Well, wait a minute! Before applying the varnish, use a piece of steel wool or steel wool, which will remove the sanding dust and smooth the fibers of the surface.

Aging wood faster

If you want to age wooden furniture to give it that special look, use a mixture of steel wool or iron wool and vinegar as a stain. The brown-grey liquid will give a gray color when applied to new wood. It’s a much faster way to create that coveted look than leaving the wood outside for a few years. In addition, this method is not toxic.

Keep mice and rats away

Do you have mice or rats in your house? Look for places where mice or rats enter your home and block their access with a bundle of steel wool or steel wool. It’s cheap and mice and rats won’t gnaw on it. Always use steel wool or stainless steel wool as regular steel wool rusts and can cause unsightly rust spots.

Make your bike shine

Your bike gets dirty and rust can also form on steel and chrome parts. Steel wool or steel wool are ideal for removing rust from its surface. Take a packet and start polishing the affected part of your bike.

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