Storage in the bathroom: 6 tips to save space

The room reserved for the toilets is rarely spacious. Nevertheless, with a little ingenuity, it can be perfectly arranged to save space, even a lot of space. Here is six tips for optimizing toilets without the space on the ground being cluttered and this place of comfort is nevertheless ultra decorative.

1 – Use the corners of the toilet under the stairs

Installing a toilet under a staircase is smart because it allows not waste any square meter. This sloping space made up of many little nooks lends itself particularly well to the development of areas dedicated to very appreciable storage. The idea is to put drawers below each of the steps or small shelves under the slope.

It is also possible to equip the highest partition with a column cabinet with mirror door which, in addition to accommodating many small objects, can visually enlarge the space.

The choice of materials is a matter of style. Painted wood or PVC, on the other hand, we choose a rather light color so that the toilets are brighter. And you can punctuate the decor by placing pretty little storage baskets on the shelves.

2 – Use all the walls of the toilets to optimize space

In a space as small as the toilet, it is better free up floor space et arrange the walls. This is visually more pleasing and makes cleaning easier. The ideal is to choose shallow furniture or even to create a niche in the partition located behind the door to gain even more space without giving an impression of suffocation.

If we install a vanity unit that does not occupy the entire partition, we add to theempty space some small matching shelves. It’s very useful for adding a few storage areas or for placing books and magazines, an automatic air freshener diffuser, “Guest” towels in matching colours, showcasing a beautiful object or a plant.

3 – Create storage for toilets with recycling

We can at a lower cost make your own extra-flat bathroom cabinets by giving a second life to an old pallet for example. We do not always imagine that recycling can render great services. All you have to do is sand the wood then tint it or paint it in the color of your choice to create a beautiful harmony with the sanitary elements such as the bowl and the washbasin.

No palette on hand? Never mind, we can probably find in the depths of the garage some unused boxes cardboard, metal, plywood and even plastic, or divert bottle racks which can do the job very well. Also ingenious are the little wicker baskets that you hang on the wall and which will do the job hanging storage bin in bohemian-style toilets…

4 – Treat yourself to 2-in-1 furniture

Today there is an interesting choice of ultra functional small furniture specially designed to save space in the toilet. In addition to the small medicine cabinet shallow with a mirror that finds its place perfectly above the washbasin, the WC servant with door nicely accommodates the rolls of paper as well as the brush without taking up space.

The tall toilet cabinet is also absolutely essential. Mounted on high legs, it hugs the entire area above the toilet bowl perfectly and doesn’t even need to be attached to the wall. Perfect if the toilet is fully tiled. Some models are particularly well thought out, incorporating shelves, compartments with doors and even a central drawer. Available in different materials, PVC, wood, metal, they are as decorative as they are practical.

The WC vanity unit is also essential to optimize space in cramped toilets. Not only does it hide the piping – not very glamorous, it must be admitted – but it also allows you to store cleaning products and hygiene products out of sight.

5 – Use the depth of the wall-hung WC support frame

If you have wall-hung toilets, do not hesitate to use the 40 or 45 centimeters deep, at the back of the toilet bowl, represented by the support frame. Of the very functional storage can be perfectly integrated into it, and over the entire height of the room so as not to lose any space.

Decorative effect guaranteed if you have the good idea to opt for a uniform color. You can use a wood veneer to paint according to your desires in order to bring a touch of elegance and obtain a beautiful homogeneity.

6 – Use and abuse rods between walls without drilling

Brilliant, this rod does not require any drilling and sets up in seconds. Extendable, it can be easily installed between two walls or two partitions at the desired height. It is therefore perfect for saving space in toilets because it optimizes storage space. You can hang baskets with pretty colored ropes, or small lockers where everything will find its place: stock of toilet rolls, hygiene products, some hand towels, deodorant, and even why not some plants such as ferns, orchids, anthurium, ivy, eucalyptus…

The extendable and drill-free between-wall rod is available in multiple colors, in different materials, but also in many diameters and lengths. We love !

Once the toilets have been optimized, all you have to do is give depth piecemeal by creating contrasts at the level of colors. For example, opting for white shelves on a deep blue, purple or chocolate background can increase the feeling of volume. Thereby tastefully furnished and decoratedthe toilets are transformed into a very pleasant and without any unnecessary space.

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