The swimming spa : functioning pros installation price

The swimming spa also called swim spa is an equipment that is attracting more and more enthusiasts who want to install a somewhat special aquatic space in their homes. It allows both to relax thanks to the balnéo and practice the swimming against the current. Ideal for combining sport and relaxation, it comes in different models. Let’s find out how the swim spa works, its advantages and the budget to plan for its purchase and installation.

What is a swim spa?

This equipment combines a spa and a swim lane against the current. It’s no wonder he’s on the rise given his versatility. Its operation is therefore different from that of a pool intended for summer swimming. Moreover, it is not specifically designed for the water games that family members like to share during the summer. It is indeed a equipment dedicated to the well-being and the practice of swimmingor even some other water sports.

Whether it’s a swim spa buried or semi-buried, it consists either of a single pool or of a two-zone pool. One part is devoted to the spa where the user benefits from a balneotherapy device with its whirlpool bath and very relaxing hydromassage jets, while the other part is specifically reserved for swimming against the current.

Swim spa, equipment that offers many advantages

Multifunctional, the swim spa appeals to many individuals because it can be installed on a small private lot. His clutter is indeed more weak than that of a conventional swimming pool. Placed indoors, it can be used from January to December, night and day.

It is also the ideal equipment when you want take care of yourself, of his body, keep the line, build muscle or even follow rehabilitation sessions at home. The therapeutic benefits balneotherapy coupled with swimming are recognized by doctors and specialists (particularly in rheumatology, traumatology, etc.). But it is also very beneficial against stress and depressive states.

The swim spa can be equipped with an aquabyke for example. In any case, it is the aquatic sports area that cannot leave aquagym enthusiasts and many others indifferent. physical activity that we practice in water. And since the pool is not very long, you can afford a swimming pool elastic to swim in a stationary position and thus practice all types of swimming (butterfly swimming, breaststroke, crawl, backstroke). The icing on the cake, to relax after a water sports session in its swim spa, just go to the area equipped with the balneotherapy system.

Swim spa: the main features

The swim spa can be installed at theinterior or at theoutside. Here are the features to consider when choosing your swim spa.

  • The model that can be buried or hour-sunnote that the above-ground model is easier to install because it does not require major earthworks,
  • Ergonomic, it must guarantee a comfortable seat,
  • Sufficiently insulated to limit heat loss,
  • The color of the hull available in an interesting palette to take care of its decoration,
  • The length: between 4 and 11 meters,
  • Its surface area: for 2 people 5 to 8 m², for 4 people 10 to 12 m², for 6 people at least 16 m²,
  • Its depth: between 1.00 and 1.60 m
  • The number of people that the spa area can accommodate: it is 1 to 9 people depending on the model,
  • The number of hydromassage jets knowing that depending on the model chosen, the jets can be few (6 to 10) or very numerous (more than 100).
  • The possibility of adjusting the temperature independently from one pool to another (in dual-zone spas),
  • Options (Audio and/or Video Equipment, aromatherapy, chromotherapy),
  • A control system for adjusting the power of the current, which allows it to be regulated according to the user’s effort capacities,
  • Its depth, knowing that it is much shallower than a swimming pool, which is why it is also suitable for people who cannot swim or are not very confident in the water.

It is necessary to quantify the necessary earthworks when one opts for a built-in model and which must be taken into account when evaluating the total cost of a swim spa.

Pour treat yourself to a swim spathe budget to be provided is included between €12,000 and €50,000. It is necessary to have several quotes drawn up by professionals in order to know the exact costing according to your project because many criteria cause prices to vary. It is also necessary to compare swimming pool and swim spa in order to know exactly which one prefers because it will be too late to change your mind once the device is installed.

The investment is not to be neglected and it can be very close to that which a traditional swimming pool requires. Finally, it should be noted that, even if the above-ground swim spa is reputed to be a little easier to install, whatever model is chosen, it is better to entrust the task to a professional because it is necessary to install a sufficient ventilation system and all the necessary plumbing but also to respect the safety rules. A pro will also take care to ensure that the supporting floor will be strong enough to support the substantial weight of the swim spa.

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