Teak furniture : how to maintain it ?

Qualified as an exotic species, one of the major advantages of teak is its rot-proofness and its extraordinary resistance to external aggressions. However, to preserve its aesthetics in the long term, this wood must be maintained.

Wood protection

If teak is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, particularly garden furniture, it is because this exotic wood is very resistant to variations in temperature, humidity and the vagaries of the weather. Its only downside? Very easily recognizable thanks to its magnificent copper-brown color, the essence turns ungracefully to gray when, without protection, the wood is continuously exposed outdoors.

Indeed, the oleoresin and salicylic acid secreted by the wood and which protects its surface become scarce over time. Nevertheless, it is important to underline that the change of color of the teak will have no consequence on its solidity. Here, therefore, the protective actions will mainly aim to preserve the natural appearance of your teak furniture.

To do this, once a year, with a clean and if possible lint-free cloth, coat the surfaces of your furniture with teak oil. It is a mixture of different vegetable oils specially adapted to exotic woods. In addition, for optimized protection prefer an anti-UV oil. And for better adhesion, this product will only be applied to very dry and previously cleaned furniture. Only downside, the wood will later have an oily appearance. To remedy this, gently rub the teak with white vinegar.

wood cleaning

And still with a view to prolonging the original appearance of teak, some combine oil for teak with a wood fixer. On the other hand, varnish and pure linseed oil should be avoided. In addition, in winter, the thing not to do is to cover its teak furniture with a cover or tarpaulin, as this prevents it from breathing. The ideal would be to store them in a dry place with an ambient temperature.

As for its maintenance, this exotic wood fortunately does not require much attention and its cleaning is very easy. A soft brush and soapy water and you’re done. Prefer Marseille soap to dishwashing liquid and do not be afraid to wash your furniture with plenty of water. Why do you think teak is also found on boat decks? Moreover, washing with sea water would be recommended from time to time.

Indeed, apart from preserving the wood from moisture, iodized salt also prevents the proliferation of mold and moss. And if your exotic wood has turned gray, you just have to sand it very gently with very fine grain sandpaper in the direction of the grooves of its fibres. Teak will quickly regain its original appearance. However, if you like this gray patina, don’t do anything about it, let the wood evolve naturally.

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