Teenager’s bedroom : 10 decorating ideas that will hit the spot !

That’s it, your little one has grown up. Gone is childhood and its decorations of cute prints, frames with images of animals. Your child’s bedroom has had its day and the furniture should grow with it. Hello adolescence, this very special transition period. Tastes in decoration can change but nothing insurmountable! Here are 10 tips for creating the decoration of his dreams in your teenager’s room. Take this challenge, he or she will thank you for having a cool bedroom!

1 – Use bright colors

Let your teenager express themselves. And choose the color of his room. Red, white or black are often popular colors. For the decoration to be harmonious, it is very important to keep the same color palette for all the furniture. Choose basic colors or materials like white and wood, as well as a bright color for a very elegant effect. You can also create consistency thanks to the material which can be identical for all the furniture. In this case, accentuate the decoration with touches of other colors in certain places.

2 – Highlight an object and make it stand out

A bathtub in the middle of the room, a round bed? Without going that far, create a visual appeal somewhere in the room, a strong object, in a particular color. By attracting the eye to this place, you allow the rest of the decoration to be all-purpose, in any case more classic. Do you have little space in your teenager’s room but he has a lot of personality? Oversized decor might just be the answer for such a teenager’s bedroom. Decals, wallpaper and even a gallery of frames can help express your child’s uniqueness without taking up too much space.

3 – Provide lots of storage

Shelves, closet, wardrobe, think storage. The adolescent has a hectic life that he must be able to organize well. Having his important items in front of him on a shelf can help him in his daily life. Add shelves and storage space under the bed: in short, take advantage of every corner!

4 – Opt for simple and functional

Your teenager’s bedroom is where he rests, where he studies, where he listens to music, where he meets his friends, so it is a place that fulfills many functions that must be taken into account. Make his bedroom a pleasant and functional place. Choose furniture that fulfills its purpose and takes up as little space as possible. Look for furniture with simple shapes to achieve a modern decoration. Opt for example for a desk that can also fulfill the role of bedside table. Get the most out of your furniture.

5 – Change bed linen

An easy way to change the style of your teen’s bedroom is to replace sheets, duvet covers, throws or blankets is to buy a new bedding set in a variety of prints. Pick a color palette and add lots of different patterns to it to create a comfortable bed.

6 – Choose bold geometric prints

What does a teenager need? Fun, freedom but also order. Three points found in geometric prints that represent both cheerfulness and structure.

7 – Put up oversized wall decorations

Nothing like a panoramic poster on the wall behind the headboard. Something grandiose in XXL size. This poster will take over your walls and give your teenager’s room a unique character. Choose a poster, wallpaper or paint a trompe-l’oeil that is as high and wide as one of the four walls.

8 – Give texture to a wall

After all, why not think of decoration in a multi-sensory way? Then give texture to one of the four walls. You can apply plates that replicate the feel and finish of a brick wall. They will give the room a vintage and interesting touch. Choose a wall to highlight with this wallcovering and decorate in style.

9 – Create an object gallery

In addition to paintings or frames, you can decorate the walls of your teenager’s room with different objects, such as vintage posters, jars, vinyls, plates, etc. Do it together with your child who will be delighted to display a collection or show his personal tastes and interests. Because you can put whatever you want on the wall!

10 – Use a center of interest as a decorative thread

Some themes are quite classic for decorating teenagers. So why not be original by taking inspiration from your hobby? Using his favorite hobby will allow you to find new elements and your teenager will have a tailor-made bedroom, unlike any other. To give you an example, if your main theme is music, then you can integrate it on the wall, on posters, via vinyls, or you can also decorate with guitars.

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