Tomato : which varieties for which use in the garden ?

The annual consumption of tomatoes in France is estimated at nearly 14 kg per household, which still represents 850,000 tonnes. There are a multitude of varieties, small, medium, large, tangy, very sweet, juicy, with firm flesh, old… Everyone can therefore find their taste happiness. Whether eaten raw or cooked, the tomato is absolutely essential. It is also widely grown in private gardens and that’s good because it’s a very healthy fruit. Here are some ideas of tomato varieties to plant depending on the intended use.

Cherry tomato

Among other nicknames, he is given that of Pomme d’or. The cherry tomato is essential as an aperitif where it delights young and old, fits perfectly into salads, and depending on the variety, can also be tasted in jam. There is a vast choice. These small fruits are more or less sweet, juicy or crunchy, round, elongated, in clusters, yellow, red… The cherry tomato is an essential summer fruit that all gardeners want to plant in the garden to always have some on hand. Here are some varieties that are just waiting for that.

  • Green Doctor’s Frosted : its round fruits are green-yellow, sweet, juicy and their flesh quite firm. In terms of taste quality, this cherry tomato is considered exceptional. In the garden, the plants must be staked because they reach more or less 2.50 m in height.
  • Sweety Baby : its sweet fruits, real round candies of scarlet red, are grouped in panicles. We like to taste this cherry tomato raw but also in jam. It is a very productive variety.
  • Barbaniak : its tiny fruits the size of gooseberries grouped in clusters have a refreshing tangy flavor. It is an interesting variety of cherry tomato because it is very productive.
  • Black Cherry : the sweet flavor of its almost black fruits with a crunchy texture is very pleasant. It is planted in the sun because the plants need heat.

Crimean black tomato

This mid-season variety is highly sought after for its dense flesh which contains very few glitches, with a sweet and mild flavor. Its skin, like its flesh, is a very dark red that tends towards black, hence its name. The black Crimean tomato is a fruit weighing 150 g on average, but can exceed 480 g. Perfect in a salad, it can be prepared in a sauce or coulis when it is very ripe. It is picked from the month of July and the harvest continues until the first frosts.

Tomate Green zebra

The fruit has emerald colored flesh. This tomato has a green-yellow skin dotted with darker green stripes. It is appreciated for its mild flavor slightly tart, its dense and juicy flesh. It is eaten raw or candied. Harvesting can start 4 to 5 months after sowing.

Andean horned tomato

It is an old tomato with an elongated shape and a bright red skin that stand firm even when ripe. Its very dense flesh is no less juicy. It contains few seeds. It is a real treat, whether cooked or raw. It is eaten in a coulis, in a salad, combined with different raw vegetables. It is sown between March and April for a harvest from July until September.

pineapple tomato

It is a variety of heirloom tomato. It is a slightly flattened round fruit, of large caliberwhich can weigh between 250 and almost 400 g, “ with beef The fine skin and the firm flesh are of a beautiful yellow. In the center of the fruit, red streaks can be seen. The pineapple tomato is very fragrant. Its flesh, with a fruity and sweet flavor, is juicy and contains few seeds. It is ideal in salads.

This indeterminate variety is grown in a cage. Harvesting takes place more or less 3 months after transplanting. It is therefore a late variety. It needs heat to be even more productive.

beefsteak tomato

She is among the most famous old varieties. We are of course talking about the original Cœur de boeuf and not the pale, uninteresting copies found in supermarkets and even in certain markets. We must therefore remain vigilant. Its large fruit really has the shape of a heart which can end in the nipple of Venus. This red, orange or sometimes pink tomato has few seeds. Its dense flesh, with a sweet flavor, has a high sugar content.

It can be enjoyed as it is, without any seasoning, at any time of the day. Of course it lends itself perfectly to cooking and you can also stuff it. It is grown in rich soil and it is harvested between July and October.

Market Wonder Tomato

It is one of the tomato varieties to cultivate absolutely. Medium caliber, all round, very red, it has a tasty flesh and a subtly fruity taste. It is eaten both raw and cooked. It’s a tomato that’s very easy to peel, which makes it essential to prepare a good homemade tomato sauce for example or to integrate it into a stuffing. Very productive, this variety is quite easy to grow because it resists diseases well.

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