Unclogging toilets: 6 effective methods to unclog your toilet

When your toilet bowl gets clogged, you are often distraught. However, it is possible to try several techniques before having to call in a professional. Here are 6.

1 – Unclog toilets with a plunger

As you probably know, the plunger remains the essential object for unclogging toilets. Thanks to the call for air caused by the rubber and the pressure, the clog is sucked up, which frees the pipes and the bottom of your toilet. Use the suction cup correctly.

How to proceed ? Clear the area around the toilet and cover the floor with paper or plastic to protect it from spills or debris that may come out. Lift the lid and bezel and position the suction cup at a 45° angle above the hole so that it completely covers the bottom of your bowl. Once you have positioned the object, you can perform the pressure. Holding it by the handle, repeat the gesture as many times as necessary.

2 – Unclog toilets with an unclogging chemical

If you need to fix the problem quickly, besides using a suction cup, you can use a chemical. These liquids are products specially designed for this purpose and, if the problem is not very serious and does not require the intervention of a professional plumber, they are very effective.

How to proceed ? There is a wide variety of products. Choose the one that suits the problem you are having and the type of plumbing your toilet has. To use these liquids, just follow the instructions on the bottle, without skipping any steps or warnings. For example, be careful not to put them in contact with your skin or eyes, and keep them out of the reach of children and animals. Normally, you should pour the amount of product indicated on the package and let it act for about one or two hours. Now all you have to do is flush the toilet and check the operation of your toilet. If necessary you can repeat the process.

3 – Unclog toilets with water

Another home remedy for unclogging a clogged toilet is using pressurized water. By adding buckets of water fairly quickly and abruptly, you can generate enough pressure to move the object clogging your toilet. However, it is advisable to use boiling water and add a product such as bleach or detergent to the bottom of your toilet bowl beforehand.

How to proceed ? Clear all around the toilet to prevent it from getting wet or damaged. Lift the toilet lid. Add the product of your choice to the bottom to facilitate uncorking. Flush the toilet and when the water starts to flow from the tank, pour the water from the bucket from a good height to create more force and pressure. Be very careful when flushing very hot water to avoid scalding. If the toilet has flushed properly, it is not necessary to flush the toilet, but you can add another bucket of hot water.

4 – Unclog toilets with baking soda

If you want to use another homemade solution to unclog your clogged toilet, take note of this one because baking soda is a product that we often have at home. You can unclog your toilet with baking soda and vinegar, which is very useful if you don’t have a specific product on hand. Both of these ingredients have properties that help break down as well as clean and disinfect.

How to proceed ? Pour a large cup of baking soda into the clogged toilet bowl. If there is a lot of water buildup, add more cups of baking soda. When you see that it has settled at the entrance of the bowl, add two cups of vinegar, either wine or white. You will see that it will immediately begin to bubble, which will help unclog the clog. Close the lid and let it sit for at least half an hour.

5 – Unclog toilets with cola

It is very likely that you have already heard that cola, in particular the most famous, is sometimes used to unclog drains of all kinds. The truth is that the amount of gas and some of the acidic ingredients in it break down a variety of materials, which helps unclog sinks and toilets.

How to proceed ? Pour 2 liters of this liquid into the clogged toilet. Leave for several hours, at least 2 hours, but depending on the type of cork, this product may need more time. If you want to speed up the process, you can pour more, but be careful not to overdo it so it overflows.

6 – Unclog toilets with a coat hanger

You cannot use a coat hanger as is to unclog your toilet. You will need to choose it in metal and give it the shape of the tool used by plumbers called a “ferret”, that is to say with a handle on one side and straight on the other.

How to proceed ? Unbend the wire of the hanger to make it straight and leave the shape of the hook at the end. Be sure to pick up everything you have around the toilet and place paper or plastic on the floor, so you can discover the toilet more easily and without staining anything. Insert the hook part into the inlet of the drain and start pressing to push and unclog the clog. You will see that in a short time it will disappear and when you flush the toilet the toilet will start working properly. If you find it difficult, you can add a homemade or purchased product to help unclog the clog.

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