Use old wine boxes to make shelves

You have all recovered, one day or another, wine crates that landed in your storage room or in your workshop to store some tools or other odds and ends. Often, we hesitate to throw them away because they are solid, made of pine wood, and all of the same size: either for 6 bottles (26 x 33 x 18 cm), or for 12 bottles (50 x 33 x 18 cm). In order to optimize their use and above all, to turn them into real shelves, all you need is a few tricks, a little elbow grease, imagination and you’re done.

Build the shelves

First of all, start by collecting them, either from the person in charge of the wine section of your supermarket, or from friends who love Bordeaux, or by hunting them down at garage sales, etc.

Clean them, sand them with sandpaper, and sketch what you want to “build” : a shelf made up of boxes of wine fixed one on top of the other in a strict way, or a section of wall on which you fix the boxes in an irregular way, even slightly leaning, etc…

As this is fairly raw wood, it is important to paint or varnish them. If the wine boxes are engraved with grands crus from the Bordeaux region, either you choose to put the “Ch√Ęteau” in front, or you prefer to hide this side of the box by sticking it to another box or by putting it at the very top. : Up to you.

To make the spice shelves below, the wine crates were protected with a vitrifying product that had been used to redo a parquet floor: thus, they are easy to clean, especially if they are a little greasy, which is common in a kitchen ! A wine case of 6 bottles and one of 12 to which a small shelf has been added and here is a very nice personal creation !

For example, in a child’s room, wine boxes painted with various bright colorswill be practical for storing toys and books, they will cost you practically nothing and will offer you personalized furnishings that will make your girlfriends envious!

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