Veranda construction project: advice construction price quote

Originality, space, light, so many advantages brought by the creation of a veranda. Do you already see yourself enjoying this open living space making the transition between your interior and your garden? But to take full advantage of these assets, ask yourself the right questions before you start building it.

A veranda for what purpose?

Prior to the construction project, take stock of your needs. Will your veranda be used to enlarge an already existing room or will it be a real extension? Are you going to use it only during the summer or all year round? The materials, insulation, ventilation, heating and style to be adopted will be different depending on the first or second choice. Similarly, think carefully about its use, because the veranda can be used as a kitchen in some cases. Of course, it will have to be protected from prying eyes.

What regulations?

There are municipalities in which many rules govern extension projects. It is thus advisable to take note of the Local Plan of Urbanism (PLU) to know the possible technical and architectural constraints. Another thing: if your home is located within the perimeter of a historic monument, an authorization from the Architect of Buildings of France will be necessary before you can start the work. At the level of the building permit, it is not mandatory as long as the created area of ​​your veranda does not exceed 40m². Only a statement of work will suffice. The building permit will be required if the total living area goes beyond 150 m² after the works.

Which material to choose?

The choice of materials is another crucial question, especially since there is no lack of supply and can quickly be confusing. The selection of the right material is made according to energy, regulatory, budgetary or even aesthetic criteria. For a warm and traditional look, nothing beats wood. It blends in with the natural decor of the garden and gives an authentic look to your home. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more contemporary style, aluminum will be your ally. In addition to being available in several colors and shapes, this material now makes it possible to avoid thermal bridges if previously it had the fault of being a poor insulator. And if you have a reduced budget, you can always opt for PVC.

choose the orientation of your veranda

How to choose the right glazing?

Do you plan to use your conservatory all year round? You will have to choose the right glazing, especially to insulate you from the cold from the first frost, otherwise your heating bill will skyrocket. Opting for soundproofing glazing is also strongly recommended, especially if you live next to a busy place, an airport or a railway line: it will protect you from noise. Is your house located in an urban area? Laminated safety glazing is a good alternative. As it is made up of several sheets of very resistant bonded glass, it prevents attempted theft and limits breakage or injury.

What direction?

Finally, think about the correct orientation of your veranda. For a house installed in the south, an orientation to the east is recommended to guard against overheating and strong sunlight. In the north, it is better to face south to enjoy light and more heat in winter.

How much does it cost to build a conservatory?

Building a veranda has a price, but this is likely to vary according to a large number of criteria:

  • The type of material chosen for your veranda
  • The surface of your veranda
  • The selected mode of insulation
  • The type of glazing
  • The type of flooring
  • Whether or not your land requires specific preparation or arrangements
  • The link to operate with the rest of your home
  • The possible contribution of water, electricity or heating
  • The prices charged by the professional installer

What is the price of a veranda according to the materials used?

Each material has advantages and disadvantages in the construction of a veranda. It is worth considering their technical performance to make the right choice. The costs are indicated to you on an average basis, per square meter to better assess your budget according to the desired surface.

  • A aluminum veranda is modern, resistant and allows large glazing spaces. In addition, it requires almost no maintenance. For this type of construction, plan a budget varying between 800 and 2,500 euros per square meter.
  • A wooden veranda is more traditional and warm. If it goes perfectly with a wooden house, it also suits all aesthetics. For this type of construction, count between 250 and 2,800 euros per square meter.
  • A PVC veranda is solid and far from being as fragile as one would think. Still not widespread in France, it is nevertheless ideal for saving money without compromising on quality. For this type of construction, allow 300 to 1,500 euros per square meter.
  • A wrought iron porch combined industrial aesthetics with the beauty of art nouveau and romanticism. Its more airy and light curves are pleasant and very decorative. For this type of construction, count 900 to 2,800 euros per square meter on average.
  • A kit veranda is the cheapest solution, since it does not require complex work. On the other hand, it does not allow you to realize all your desires, being made in the workshop according to standard shapes. For this type of construction, allow 150 to 600 euros per square meter.

What are the prices of the different options of a veranda?

Here is an indication of the average rates charged for the installation of the various possible options in the construction of a veranda.

To enjoy your veranda in all seasons, it is a good idea to heat it. For this, builders generally advise equipping it with the same heating system as your home in order to limit the risk of heat loss. Thus, count an additional cost which can represent 10 to 20% of the price of installation of your veranda.

The labor can be very expensive for the installation of a veranda. You should know that professionals work as a team to progress quickly without compromising on the quality of the work. Of course, if your land requires leveling or earthworks, the bill will be affected. On average, the price of labor for the construction of a veranda fluctuates between 60 and 300 euros per square meter.

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