The water in my pool has turned green: why? What can I do about it?

When the water in the pool is the same color as the grass, that’s really not normal. Everyone is asked to get out of the water immediately! It is necessary to identify the cause to remedy it as quickly as possible thanks to a shock treatment. Let’s see why the water in the pool can turn green and what are the appropriate solutions to find clear water that simply makes you want to take a dip while waiting for aperitif time.

Green pool water: the main causes

When the pool water turns green, it’s because the some have proliferated because they are the ones that give this color to the water in the pond. To be able to act by employing the solution adapted to the problem, it is necessary to begin by understanding what allowed the algae to develop so much. The three main reasons are:

  • A augmentation brutal from water temperature.
  • L’lack of treatment of the swimming pool. The owner was not there at the appropriate time or he simply forgot to treat the water.
  • The pool water is unbalanced. Check immediately if the water has been contaminated by a fertilizer that we use in the garden and that we could have spilled inadvertently in the pond. It is equally essential to raise the chlorine level because it may be abnormal. If it is insufficient, it is advisable to measure the cyanuric acid level and the chlorine level which is probably too low.

We take this opportunity to check the pH (Hydrogen potential) and the TAC (Complete Alkalimetric Title). You should know that when the chlorine level is totally imbalance, the pH may be too high. This reduces the disinfectant power of chlorine so that we can see an increase in the rate of cyanuric acid.

In fact, everything is more or less linked. This is why it is strongly recommended to carry out all readings very regularly, especially when the pool is used by many bathers or when the outside temperature is suddenly very high.

Greening swimming pool water: essential cleaning and treatment

Fortunately, it is possible to catch up with the pool water when it has turned green. Whatever the cause that favored the proliferation of algae, we start with carry out a serious cleaning of the water in the pool, respecting the chronology of the following steps:

  • Remove all deposits with a landing net,
  • Remove all algae accumulated on the walls and bottom of the pool using a brush,
  • Complete cleaning by running the pool robot or passing the broom-vacuum,
  • Empty the pre-filter basket which has undoubtedly accumulated a large amount of deposits,
  • Drain dirty water to the sewer,
  • addnew water because after this cleaning, the level has necessarily dropped. However, if the water level is too low, this risks damaging the skimmers. Adding fresh water also helps to correct the cyanuric acid level.

We will have to move on to water treatment, but avant it is absolutely necessary:

  • Make sure that the filter works like clockwork and that it is exemplary clean,
  • Check the pH of the water and act accordingly because a readjustment is probably necessary.

Finally comes the stage of swimming pool water treatment. It is certainly still very green, but the basin has been perfectly cleaned. It is therefore time to apply the treatment in order to catch up with the water in the pond. Possible solutions are:

  • Bromine,
  • active oxygen,
  • Chlorine.

It is up to everyone to choose the treatment product they prefer, respecting the dosages indicated on the different containers.

How to do a chlorine shock treatment when the pool water is green?

Chlorine shock treatment is the most frequently used solution. This makes it possible to act on two levels: eliminate any algae that have resisted cleaning and prevent their reappearance which can be dazzling if we do not treat.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Adjust the pH,
  • Start the pool filtration,
  • Pour the chlorine directly into the pool water,
  • Prohibit anyone from swimming for at least 48 hours.

You have to show up very vigilant when shock treating pool water with chlorine as this product can cause allergies and in some cases a intoxication.

Maintaining your pool very regularly is imperative to allow all users to swim in healthy water. We therefore react without delay when the algae invade the pool and turn the water green. But beware, some algae can be resistant, it is recommended to use in addition to a residual algaecide. Finally, a small dose ofswimming pool anti-algae once a week is a preventive action not to be neglected. This type of product complements the action of chlorine, active oxygen or bromine.

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