What are the alternatives to tiling in a bathroom?

Do you want to get a bathroom different from lambda bathrooms? And not using tiles but an alternative? Yet when you think about the bathrooms you may have visited, with friends, with your family, you always come to mind with tiling tiles, whether wall or floor. Know that there are many other options, some very trendy. Laying tiles in a bathroom is almost an unwritten rule, but you don’t have to follow it. Renovate yours and forget the tiles, choose another coating instead. Discover some of them below:

The painting

Does it seem strange to you to coat the walls of your bathroom with paint? However, this is not a crazy idea since there are now products designed for this purpose. There are countries where it is common to see paint in bathrooms. For this, it is necessary to choose moisture-resistant paints. The paint is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet with water from the shower or sink, everything is under control!

The floor

Do you like the warmth and nobility of wood? So why not in your bathroom? Again, wood in a bathroom is an idea that seems strange to you? You probably think that wood and moisture don’t go together very well, but these are materials that are precisely prepared for that. And as you’ll see in magazines or online decorating sites, they give bathrooms a totally different image than you’re used to seeing. Yes, you could have teak in your bathroom, that beautiful tropical wood. But of course don’t forget that it requires minimal maintenance if you want to keep it in perfect condition. So if you opt for natural wood flooring, you need to find out which type of wood reacts best to humidity and what maintenance is required. If you choose a laminate, take it of high quality and high performance. It must be a type of wood that works in contact with moisture.

The wallpaper

There are still many people who hesitate to cover a bathroom with wallpaper. However, wallpaper is no longer a thing of the past. You can use it in your bathroom! Whether casual or on the contrary very elegant, the wallpaper is suitable for both. This is a fantastic idea if you want to give your bathroom walls a different look. You will find wallpapers with all kinds of designs, colors, shapes and patterns. Obviously, you will need to choose one that is water and moisture resistant. It is a very decorative, affordable and easy to install option, as it can even be placed over pre-existing floor tiles, if the joints are well covered. Check if the ventilation of your bathroom is correct and dare the wallpaper!


If you want to stand out, stone is a good choice in your bathroom. Whether natural or imitation, it provides a neat finish and gives an appearance that is unlike any other. Stone is a natural material that has a lot of charm and many qualities. Of course, to offer you this elegance and this inimitable naturalness, you will probably have to pay a little more than if you had chosen another alternative.

waxed concrete

It has become fashionable lately due to its features. It is a perfect material to give an industrial touch to your bathroom. Combined with elegant decor, cement can be a perfect alternative.

The brick

It is very common in modern decorations to leave a few exposed bricks on the walls so why not do it in your bathroom? We find this normal in a living room or in a bedroom, but why not do it in the bathroom? It is certainly a very interesting option if you want to have a bathroom that changes from that of Monsieur et Madame Tout-le-monde. As with polished concrete, brick can provide an industrial touch not often found in bathrooms. It is therefore not a very common coating for a bathroom, but we cannot deny that it has a lot of charm. A possible downside is that, if the brick is not treated in any way, as it is porous, it could accumulate moisture and mold. However, if your bathroom is well ventilated, this shouldn’t happen.

The wall panel

Elegant and with insulating characteristics, the wall panels will bring an additional touch of design to your bathroom.

These are some of the alternatives to traditional tiling. You can of course play with several of them at the same time if you think using just one is too little! Wall and floor, it’s up to you to dress up your bathroom and make it a bubble of well-being.

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