What is black soap? What use is it at home?

Made with vegetable oil, mainly olive, black soap is the essential ally at home. It is perfect for deep cleaning and can be used on all materials. It is the ideal soap, respectful of the environment, which deserves its place in our cupboards and can easily replace all chemical cleaning products. Focus on black household soap.

Black soap: main characteristics

It is with the pulp is the pits of black olives – that is to say the pomace – that household black soap is made. These pomace undergo a second pressing, the first allowing to obtain the olive oil which one uses in the food. We therefore understand why this vegetable soap has this black-greenish color. One can however find a black soap slightly amber to which caramel, a natural coloring, has been added.

Black soap may contain a small proportion ofhuile de lin combined with olive oil. It is generally this soap that is used to maintain different materials for its strong nourishing and protective power.

Manufactured according to traditional processreal black soap is totally devoid of animal fats, and its saponification is still carried out in a cauldron today by some soap factories which have insisted on keeping this unique know-how.

Finally, it should be noted that there is a category of black soap for body care. It’s about a dough of olives which contains salt, potash, and to which essential oils are optionally added. This body black soap is subjected to drastic eye and skin contact tests to verify that it fully meets the standards in force for placing on the market. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between this black knowledge for bodily use in the form of a paste and the household black soap who can be mou or liquid.

Household black soap: a versatile cleansing and nourishing product

Household black soap has many qualities. 100% natural detergent, it is non-polluting, non-toxic, non-aggressive, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and in addition it is very effective. Thanks to its washing base, it perfectly cleans all surfaces as well as laundry, and its richness in vegetable oil nourishes noble materials. This valuable care product vegetal is also a degreaser. It can be used:

  • Puron a brush or soft cloth,
  • More or less diluted since you can put between 1 and 5 tablespoons of liquid black soap for a bucket of hot water.

We can therefore use household black soap every day to:

  • Wash tiles and mirrors,
  • Clean all types of floors,
  • Degrease the worktop, the extractor hood, the dishes, the oven, the gas cooker, the ceramic or induction hob,
  • Clean the refrigerator, enamel or synthetic resin sanitary ware, trinkets, insert, ceramics, painted walls, mosaics,
  • Maintain the wooden furniture, the tiled floor, the marble staircase, the linoleum, the laminate floors, the leather sofa, the terracotta,
  • Shine copper, zinc, pewter, stainless steel, glass…
  • Shampoo your pet (dog, cat, horse, etc.),
  • Wash the laundry,
  • Dust the leaves of green plants,
  • Eliminate scale insects on indoor and outdoor plants but also get rid of undesirables such as ants, spiders and others because black soap is also a contact insecticide.

This list is far from being exhaustive.

Finally for remove stubborn stains (on linen, a rug, carpet, etc.), it is quite possible to add a little bicarbonate de sodium or a few more drops of White vinegar.

This same household black soap can be used in the garden as an earth-friendly insecticide. It eliminates red spiders, aphids, gendarmes… It is perfect for cleaning the terrace whatever its component, the garden Loungethe parasolthe pool edgethem planters and other pots.

It is also used to polish the window sills and bay windows which at the same time makes it possible to fight against spiders which tend to clump together in corners and then to sneak into the house, enough to traumatize some of us!

The multipurpose black soap is really of a great utility both at home and in the garden and allows everyone to live in a sanitized universe without harming the environment. Icing on the cake, the litre to know black household liquid (pure) costs on average only 7 to 8 euros. Since it does not take much to clean everything, it is economical.

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