what can it be used for?

The resin extracted from maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)) is used to make turpentine; it is also called Bordeaux turpentine, Bordeaux pitch, galipot, officinale turpentine or pine turpentine. This turpentine is best known as a solvent, but it is also effective as an everyday household stain remover.

Characteristics of turpentine

Turpentine oil is a colorless liquid product that has a fairly strong smell and is very similar to pine. It is generally presented in a 1 liter bottle or in a 5 liter container and is easy to find: in drugstores or supermarkets in the same section as methylated spirits. Turpentine oil is a mixture of alcohol and acid obtained by distillation and purification of a mixture of different tree species.

Its many uses

Turpentine is mainly used by artists as a solvent for oil paints, but it also has many properties as a cleaner and stain remover. She is very effective in removing stubborn stains from fabrics and leather garments. For this, it is used in its pure state: just soak a cloth in turpentine then rub the stain. It therefore effectively removes encrusted dirt and acts effectively to renovate leather. Grease, tar or even make-up and shoe polish, or candle and shoe polish residue will be perfectly removed after its passage. The essence of turpentine removes stains from sludge or mold. It is also a good stain remover on other supports such as lino, oilcloth or crepe soles.

Another property that turpentine also has: the waterproofing of certain materials. Both indoors and outdoors, it can be used on terracotta, floor tiles and pots. For this you need a mixture of equal parts linseed oil and turpentine.

Turpentine oil can also be used as a cleaning wooden furniture : it also protects them well and gives a shine to the wood. To make a natural stain, mix a dose of linseed oil with 1/2 a dose of turpentine, which serves as a vegetable thinner. Our product will allow the linseed oil to penetrate well into the wood. The harder the wood, the more you will need to increase the proportion of turpentine.

The essence of turpentine restores its whiteness to the lace. Easy to apply, just soak the laundry in a basin with hot water and detergent for delicate laundry. Then add a teaspoon of the product and leave to soak.

Precautions to take with turpentine

The benefits of turpentine are many, but its handling requires special attention. As a self-inflammable and toxic product, it must be stored away from heat and light and out of reach of children. The use of gloves to protect your hands and a mouth mask are recommended when handling this product and above all, always wash your hands after handling.

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