What color for the walls of the toilet?

The toilets are a room in their own right which deserves, like the others, a neat decoration. In addition to optimizing the space of the toilets for an appreciable space saving, we try to choose for the walls a color allowing tovisually enlarge the room and bring him a beautiful light. Zoom on the colors that best suit the walls of the toilets.

White in total look or not

Impossible to miss the white for the walls of the toilets if one wishes to take advantage of a super bright room. The unmistakable sanitized white is THE color that comes to mind for many people because it intensifies the cleansing effect. It is also the pristine white which makes it possible to highlight colored sanitary equipment as well as small storage units and the vanity unit, especially if they are available in a deep shade or a bright colour.

White in total look is quite acceptable in toilets and to break the monotony, it is enough to punctuate the decoration with some colored objects. You can also opt for the moderation by laying white only on one or two walls. In this case, the remaining walls can accommodate an ultra dark shade or a pastel or more marked color. It is up to each individual to choose what suits him best, provided that theharmony between walls, furniture and sanitary facilities is preserved. A bad choice of colors, and it’s the lack of taste that can ruin everything!

A dark color to put on one or two walls only

Black, chocolate, liquorice, midnight blue, burgundy are all very trendy colors to put in the toilets, provided you do not put them on all the walls. Too many colors kill the color. In the toilets where all the walls are ultra dark, the room is darkened and seems even more cramped than it actually is. We therefore zap the total look and we preferably opt for walls of different colors. But it remains to know how to distribute these colors (or non-colors) in order to obtain a superb result.

To know on which wall(s) to put the darkest color according to the configuration of your toilet, it can be very useful to know the following principles:

  • Dark walls give a height print piece,
  • When a wall is backlightit always looks darker than it actually is,
  • Choose a dark color for the wall on which the window is located lights up the roombut the other walls must be clear,
  • Put a dark color on the back wall or a patterned wallpaper visually expands the room intended for the toilet.

As for the association of colors, it really counts for a lot in the final effect.

A trendy color for bathroom walls

It is obvious that when you decide to repaint your toilets, it is generally not to give them an old-fashioned look! We like our interior to be trendy, but if we want to follow fashion too much, we risk having to repaint our toilets every year. Unless the work is a passion, it is better to opt for timeless colors, that is to say, which pass through time without batting an eyelid. In this category of colors, we inevitably find:

  • The mole is a soft color although rather pronounced, widely used in interior decoration, including in the toilets and the bathroom.
  • Linenperfect with a chocolate or candied brown wall, to bring a zen touch to the room, full of softness and charm.
  • Grey, more or less light, from smiled gray to anthracite, it suits all styles. We love its neutrality, and its ability to enhance accessories.
  • The straw yellow in small touches illuminates the place, so a wall is enough.
  • The green, of which there are many variations. A fir green or duck green wall harmonizes perfectly with chic sanitary facilities, WC furniture with copper handles and copper fittings as well. Green brings a natural note and elegance to your toilet.
  • The Red, dynamic, to marry with white or black but in the latter case, you really need a window well exposed to the sun so as not to darken this small space. The deep red has no equal to unite with a powdery pink and magnify by this beautiful marriage this intimate place that is the toilet.
  • orangein simple touches or on a complete wall, which is both soft and full of vitality if you don’t choose it too garish.
  • Blue is perfect for toilets because it brings a touch of freshness and aquaticness depending on the shade chosen. This color is available enough for everyone to find what they are looking for, namely:

    • midnight blue,
    • prussian blue,
    • Blue Duck,
    • Turquoise,
    • Blue oil,
    • lavender blue,
    • Azure blue,
    • Royal blue,
    • Sky blue,
    • Navy blue,
    • Electric blue,
    • Indigo…

Sure there is something to lose his Latin. Fans of blue in the toilet should go to a specialty home decor store to check out all the existing blues by flipping through a sample catalog. Be careful, a blue can change its name and there are dozens of shades for the same color. So it’s a daunting task, but blue is worth sacrificing some time to choose.

You can choose different blues and combine them with white, cream or linen, for example, to create a lovely monochrome which brings a touch of romance.

Trust a professional painter to decorate a toilet

Of course, you choose the color according to your preferences, but you have to be judicious to give an impression of space. If you lack inspiration or are afraid of making a mistake, it is best to entrust the decoration of your toilet to a craftsman. This professional knows the impact of a color on a room, can by choosing the right tone give an impression of space, and create a univers original which is unlike any other.

For a room as small as the toilet, it is not necessary to devote a large budget. As an indication, the service of a painter is around 35 to 45 €/m². So do not hesitate to request multiple quotes passing through a comparator decorating painters online. It’s fast, free and without any commitment.

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