What colors to change from white in a bathroom?

The bathroom is the room par excellence reserved for intimate use, and for obvious reasons. Although it may seem strange to you, when considering what color to give this piece, you have to think about exactly what you are using it for.

What use for your bathroom?

How much time do you spend in this room and when? For example, are you one of those who run in the morning in the shower to wake up? Or are you one of those people who love to relax in their bathtub and envision their bathroom as a spa or wellness space? Or do you have a family concern, which combines the two: rushed mornings and relaxing evenings?

It is by taking the time to answer these questions that you will be able to make the right choice of colors for your bathroom. Because any designer will tell you that the choice of your paint color can completely transform the atmosphere of a room, especially a bathroom.

So yes, it could take you months to redo your bathroom – and thousands of dollars. But why not save time and money by getting a fresh coat of paint?

Finding the perfect shade is essential. Here are 9 color suggestions that are sure to help you with your bathroom makeover.

Blue bathroom

Blue in a bathroom is timeless. Whether grey, sky or periwinkle, it’s a perfect tone for a calming place. It can be nautical, childish, sophisticated all at the same time depending on how you use it and what variation you opt for. If you’ve gone for a navy blue, so it doesn’t take over the whole room and dominate it, paint it on just one side of your bathroom. You can indeed paint only one wall if the color has a strong character. Why not opt ​​for azure blue, that of the sea – the blue of the southern seas? Although this color is bright, it is soothing and is perfect for a family bathroom. It is reminiscent of beach vacations throughout the rest of the year.

yellow bathroom

Energize your bathroom! A sunny yellow is a color that will help you wake up and instantly put you in a good mood in the morning. Care must be taken to choose the right bright, vibrant yellow and not a faded or too pale yellow. The yellow chosen must be of a good depth, which brings it its freshness. Nothing like this color to liven up your new bathroom and give it personality.

Taupe bathroom

If you are looking for a warm but fairly neutral color, then the taupe color is for you. This half-grey, half-brown tone is a classic that gives your room an extra je-ne-sais-quoi. Mole variations are numerous. It’s up to you to see which one you feel most in harmony with. A darker taupe tone will remind you of the earth and be more natural while gray will be more modern.

Pink bathroom

The color pink is flattering in a bathroom. It gives shine and brings warmth. There’s something playful and glamorous about pink. It all depends on the chosen variation. For example, opt for a nice peach tone. If you want to avoid the pitfall of girlycombine pink with white or black which will make it more modern.

Gray bathroom

A light light gray remains a classic color but adds a little twist. You can combine this cold color with warmer elements, in wood for example. Nothing prevents you from opting for parquet flooring or natural wood furniture. For extra pep, choose your bathroom accessories and amenities – including bath towels and shower curtains, in bright colors. With gray, you can afford any bit of madness because it goes with just about everything from pale pink to the brightest orange.

Green bathroom

If your bathroom has natural light and you feel like bringing the outdoors inside, green can be a good option. It is a color that brings calm. It goes very well with other natural colors such as those of earth, wood, sand, etc. Emerald green gives a very natural side while mint green has something livelier and more playful. For a chic side, combine green with white, it will bring elegance.

Eggshell bathroom

Painting your bathroom in eggshell is flawless again and again. This color brings warmth to the room without making it overwhelming. If a white seems too classic or too cold, opt for this color which goes well with pale pink or a light purple. It’s a classic choice but nothing boring.

black bathroom

It is a bias for a bathroom to use black. It is the color that gives contrast par excellence. For a graphic look, combine it with its opposite, white. Or be bold by combining it with dark shades. You can choose it to highlight other elements, such as woodwork for example.

Brown bathroom

Think of beauty salons, hammams or massage establishments: they are often in shades of brown. If you want a bathroom with a calming and natural atmosphere, brown is the choice. In all its shades, brown creates a relaxing atmosphere. A dark chocolate will have something romantic, especially if you combine it with golden details. A medium brown will be softer and will combine well with lighter details. As for a light brown, it will work as a more neutral backdrop serving to enhance hints of colors such as cream, beige or soft blue.

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