What are the differences between active and passive winterization of a pool?

The construction of a beach or terrace for its above-ground swimming pool, like that of the swimming pool itself, must be carefully planned. If you want a terrace that is both practical and aesthetic, it is important to anticipate and think of everything before carrying out your work. Here’s what to consider when creating your deck for an above-ground pool.

Prepare the installation of your beach around your above-ground pool

Before considering anything, take the exact measurements of your pool. What are its dimensions? Which ones will be on your beach? There is no rule, it’s up to you to think about who will use this range and how. Do you want to eat there or simply relax before or after swimming? Of course, try to build your terrace with several people and have the right equipment on hand, such as a saw, screwdriver, level, etc.

Before doing any deck-related work on your above-ground pool, you should also make sure everything is easily accessible. This is particularly important when children or elderly people will be using the pool. First, install a ramp at the stairs. Next, be sure to choose a surface for your beach that is non-slip.
It is important that you prepare your ground well. You know the volume and shape of your pool, but do you know the type of soil on which you are going to design your beach? This surface must be flat, very stable and above all well drained. Because water should not stagnate under your beach or terrace. Look into the matter and see if it is necessary to operate earthworks.

Create a beach consistent with your environment

Another important factor is to try to integrate the swimming pool and its beach well with your environment. Leave room for things like trees, plants, and lounge chairs. You’ll likely have guests, family, or friends congregating by your pool, so you’ll need plenty of space. Think BBQ! You therefore need space to install tables, chairs and parasols. If you have children, provide space for them to play.

Choose an above-ground pool deck that suits you

Decks built around above ground pools are no different from any other freestanding decks. For reasons of stability, they should not be attached directly to the pool. The swimming pool is simply adjacent to the terrace or the beach. For all the regulatory part, find out because depending on the size of your pool, building permits are required.

A concrete deck around your above-ground pool

Are you considering concrete as the main material for the deck adjoining your above-ground pool?

Laying concrete around the perimeter of your pool can allow you to play the card of creativity by drawing, for example, an original shape that is not limited to a simple rectangular border. So you can do landscaping in certain areas. You can leave additional openings to, for example, add a bar at one end of your beach or install a whirlpool bath, for example, at the other end.

A stone deck around your above-ground pool

It is a good idea to install stone paving around your above ground pool. Stone paving is very nice, gives a nice design and you can choose from a nice selection of colors, textures and shades. Here too, you can be creative: it all depends on how you arrange your stones or paving stones.

A wooden deck around your above-ground pool

Wooden decks are very popular. So why not install a wooden deck around your above ground pool? However, if you’re using wood, make sure you have the ability to regularly clean, polish, and maintain it so it’s as nice, clean, and termite-free as possible. And then, fully play the wood card for your tables, chairs and other accessories.


Ideally, invest in good quality outdoor lighting to install on your beach. This one will have a very nice effect when it lights up at sunset and at night. There are several shapes and types of lighting fixtures to choose from for this kind of place: because you have to think that the lights could be splashed and receive water droplets.

Follow a step by step to create your beach

Depending on the material you have chosen, the assembly of your beach or terrace will not be the same. Is your structure independent or really attached to your house? In any case, you will have to follow roughly the following steps:

  • Study your soil with precision.
  • Choose the material you like.
  • Lay the frame or structure.
  • Lay out your beach, paying attention to the angles and shape of your pool.
  • Do the finishing touches.

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