What is the ideal size of a terrace?

How good it is to have a terrace to enjoy every moment that sunny days offer us! If you are wondering about the ideal size of a terrace, you probably have space and want to make the best use of it. There is no one-size-fits-all answer; you must first ask yourself what your needs and desires are: how do you want to use your terrace?

A terrace for the pleasure of eating outside

Breakfast on the terrace to take advantage of the cool morning air, lunch in the sun with family or even dinner with friends under the stars… Meals are convivial moments that are all the more exquisite as they take place outdoors.

On a terrace, the Dining Area is practical but also warm, because it can occasionally be transformed into a real open-air reception area. Vegetation and lighting then complete the furniture to create a universe that resembles you, as close as possible to your personality, like any other room in the house.

Pour a table and 4 chairsan area of 10 square meters provides good comfort. If you want to accommodate more people, count 2 square meters per person seated and 1 square meter per person standing.

If the terrace is not close to the kitchen, you can consider installing a outdoor kitchen : a barbecue area, a sink and a worktop then require a space 2.20 m long and 60 cm deep, to which is added a free space of at least 70 cm.

Idleness on its terrace

A terrace is also a place to relax, sunbathe and gently color your skin or read, sheltered by a parasol.

The surface of the terrace to devote to relaxation then depends on the number of people likely to occupy the space at the same time. The standard measurements of a lounge chair are 70 cm wide by 2 meters long. From there, you can estimate the area based on how many lounge chairs you plan to put there. Leave a space of at least 20 cm on either side of each chair.

The garden furniture trend

If you have the possibility of fitting out a spacious terrace, it could then include garden furniture. If the garden furniture adjoins a dining area, such a project then requires a total area of ​​at least 30 square meters.

Upstream design work is recommended in order to define the way in which the spaces will be articulated, and to choose the most harmonious length/width ratio.
It is also important to anticipate the layout and decoration: you will be able to hide the electrical wiring and any water inlets.

Indeed, the terrace can also be a bubble of well-being by hosting a outdoor spa. Synonymous with relaxation, this equipment is spreading more and more because the market offers the possibility of acquiring a quality hot tub at an affordable price.

The terrace furniture

Once you know the surface of your terrace, all you have to do is choose the furniture.
Extension of the living room or the kitchen, large dining table for group meals or small round or square table for moments for two, outdoor sofa accompanied by a coffee table… If the terrace is quite small, it is better to bet on outdoor furniture folding. If the terrace is large, you will want to choose a light furniturealuminum or braided resin, to move tables and chairs and thus shape the space according to your desires and circumstances.

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