What paint color for your living room? What’s the trend?

The living room is not just the main living room. It is also the place where you receive your guests. This is why the choice of your wall paint must be done with great taste. Here are some interesting leads.

The marriage of colors

The combination of two or more colors has been on the rise for several years and is increasingly found in living rooms. Indeed, the result obtained can be really aesthetic and modern. But it requires good mastery of the technique because knowledge of the chromatic circle is not enough to obtain this magnificent harmony of colors. And by making the wrong choice, you simply risk ending up with shades that don’t match at all.

But perhaps the wisest decision is to seek the services of a professional? There is no shortage of companies that specialize in renovations. All you have to do is find the supplier who convinced you the most and ask them for a painting quote. So, if luckily the price offered corresponds to your budget, all you have to do is leave it to the professionals and you’re done. However, to already give you ideas of the colors that are complementary, know that the opposite colors on the circle go together perfectly. This is for example the case of orange and light blue.

Green everywhere

Now if you want to surf the big trend of the moment, it’s green, in all its variations, which is on the front of the stage for this year 2017. Greenery, beige green, olive, khaki or brown, almond, apple or still pistachio‚Ķ This is indeed the great novelty of this year. This color is no longer reserved for bathrooms or bedrooms.

What’s more, you can also combine it with other colors such as chocolate for example, or even anthracite grey. But did you know that with green, you can also reproduce this zen and nature atmosphere which is also very fashionable today? For an elegant trompe-l’oeil decoration, don’t hesitate to put a giant sticker on a section of the wall with the motifs of a tropical forest, bamboo, birds… Guaranteed effect!

The great classics

You find that the combination of several colors and the very wide range of green hues are perfect for a living room. Nevertheless, your main fear is that you get tired of these trends very quickly. In this case, you will have to redo the painting of this place of life. Above all, do not despair, classic tones are timeless and therefore remain safe bets.

To justify a hypothetical expansion of the premises, the thing not to do is however to opt for white. On the other hand, you can concretely gain in luminosity by favoring neutral and light tones. Choose from salmon, off-white, taupe gray and beige. Does the room already enjoy excellent exposure to sunlight? Soft tones such as honey yellow, coral orange and pastel pink will contrast perfectly with this warm and friendly atmosphere.

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