What is a pool skimmer ? What is its function ? How to maintain it?

The skimmer is one of the parts must install in its swimming pool because it fulfills various essential roles to allow users to swim in safe water. Let’s take stock of its characteristics, the number of skimmers needed according to its pool, the place where it must be sealed, but also the procedure to follow to maintain its or its skimmers.

Pool skimmer: main features

This room equipped with a basket and a check valve must be installed in the swimming pool since it participates fully in the maintenance of the pool. Indeed, the skimmer is part of the swimming pool filtration system. It is available in different models, which makes it possible to have a skimmer adapted to the type of swimming pool that one has, buried, semi-buried or above ground. Note that for an above ground pool, we opt for a floating skimmer.

If it is so essential, it is because it serves to:

  • Rid the pool water of impurities on the surface,
  • Collect insects and objects,
  • Regulate the water flow: it can be adjusted in different ways using a specific button,
  • Allow the gradual diffusion of pool treatment products: products that cannot be poured directly into the water, such as chlorine pebbles, can be deposited directly into the skimmer.

How many skimmers should you install in your pool?

A large swimming pool should be equipped with several skimmers because the volume of water is much greater there than in a small pool. It is therefore necessary that their water suction capacity be sufficient. Note that a single skimmer has a maximum flow rate of 7 to 10 m3/h (cubic meter per hour) and can purify 25 square meters (m²) of aquatic surface (we speak of skimming).

It is therefore logical to count for a body of water of 25 m², one skimmer, two skimmers for 50 m², four skimmers for 100 m², each one having to be connected to the filtration circuit individually and not in series so that each skimmer sucks the same volume as the others, an advantage that cannot be obtained with a series connection.

Where to place the pool skimmer?

With the exception of floating skimmers for above ground pools, a inground pool skimmer must always be sealed on the side opposite to that where the main drain or the discharge nozzle is located. However, it is necessary to take into account the prevailing wind direction, knowing that the skimmer must be placed in the direction of the current, therefore facing the wind. This is fundamental for promote the elimination of impurities via this accessory.

It must always be on the water line and not under water because in the latter case it would be of no use. Since it is he who determines the height of the water line, the maximum height of the pool must be taken into account. Thus, swimming pool specialists recommend placing each skimmer:

  • A 5 cm au maximum under the curbi.e. as high as possible,
  • 100 cm from a angle of swimming pool.

Then, the water level is adjusted so as to optimize filtration et avoid air intake. This is why the water level should be between half and ¾ full of the skimmer.

Skimmer maintenance: an essential task

The maintenance of a swimming pool skimmer must be carried out very regularly to allow the circulation of water from the pool to the filter. It is of course necessary to avoid its sealing by impurities because it stores a significant quantity over a period of 24 hours, but also by large insects, leaves, even children’s toys. The method is really not rocket science. To maintain your skimmer, proceed as follows:

  • Open the hatch in which the basket is located,
  • Clear the basket,
  • Clean the skimmer basket under a jet of water (garden hose for example),
  • Put the clean basket back in place,
  • Close the hatch.

Some skimmers are equipped with more than one few filtering or prefilter in the basket. This piece which retains very until waste must also be emptied and cleaned regularly, about once every 7 days, or even more frequently if the pool is installed under trees for example. Finally, there are skimmers which themselves have a filter cartridge, the latter being placed under the basket. If it is disposable, it should be replaced with a new one as soon as necessary. If it is not disposable, we clean it.

When you have just had your swimming pool installed, it is better to refer to your swimming pools to know exactly how to proceed depending on the type of skimmer fitted to the pool. And for avoid the risk of water leaks, it is necessary to get into the habit of checking the condition of all their components when cleaning the skimmers. In the event of a crack, for example, it is essential to replace the broken skimmer.

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