What practical and comfortable solution should you choose for your extra bed?

It is often said that a good host always makes sure his guests want for nothing. And that doesn’t just apply to catering. The popular expression says “to offer room and board”. Because those of you who like to have guests must also offer them a comfortable place to sleep.

All the reasons for staying asleep are good: prolong the party and avoid one too many drinks while driving, a return trip deemed too long or even your offspring inviting their friends over for a sleepover. In any case, it is better to be ready! But does the perfect spare bed that is both practical and comfortable exist?

Extra bed: how to make the best possible choice?

Whether you are hosting your elderly mother-in-law for the night or whether she is your daughter’s best friend, the question of sleeping arrangements will not be the same. Everyone has different needs. And in the field of extra bedding, the possibilities are varied. There are different types of spare beds, ranging from sofa beds to trundle beds, folding beds and mattresses. Other than that, not everyone has the space for a permanently furnished guest bedroom. Before deciding on a solution, you should carefully consider your expectations and those you think your guests may have.

Which guests will stay overnight in your extra bed?

If you are looking for the most practical and comfortable solution, you should first take a closer look at the guests who will be spending the night at your home. Age is of particular importance. Parents or older friends need higher sleeping comfort than children and young people, for whom spending the night with friends is more a playful adventure than a real question of comfort.

Mattress and folding bed or trundle beds, practical for children

If your overnight guests are mainly young people, the choice is simple: a folding mattress on the floor of the children’s room will be greeted with as much enthusiasm as a folding bed. Both can be easily put away after a visit. Which saves you space. If your or your child’s best friend stays with you more often, a trundle bed will be more suitable: the second sleeping space can be pulled out from under your bed and disappear just as quickly the next morning.

Space-saving trundle beds

How often do your guests spend the night at your place? If you only have guests once or twice a year, you can have a folding bed or a folding mattress as an extra bed. The advantage lies in the great flexibility: a folding bed can be set up in no time, fits into any room and can be stored in a storage room or niche to save space for the rest of the year. It’s the kind of ideal solution for guests who decide to stay with you at the last moment. A folding mattress requires even less space – whether it’s above a closet or under your own bed, there’s always a place for it. That is why despite its simple sleeping comfort, it can be a practical solution, especially for small apartments.

Comfortable sofa beds for all tastes

Do your guests come more often or do they stay several nights in a row? In these cases, a sofa bed is the ideal choice. Modern sofa beds are easy to handle and very comfortable. Very often now, the emphasis is not on the quality of the sofa function, but on the quality of the bed.

A modular spare bedroom

The decision to install a permanent bedroom depends mainly on the space available. If you often host overnight guests and there is enough space, a room with comfortable beds is certainly the ideal solution. But what if the in-laws only come to visit twice a year? In such cases, it is advisable to configure your room flexibly so that it does not remain unused for most of the year. That doesn’t necessarily mean less comfort – many modern guest beds are incredibly versatile and still comfortable. Those who don’t expect guests to spend the night in their home often use their bedroom as an office or playroom. However, it requires an ingenious installation every time someone stays to sleep.

Flexible guest beds

Save space optimally with a stackable bed. Do you want to accommodate several beds in a small space? Choose a functional stacking bed. Conveniently, you can stack such beds on top of each other.

Futon-style bed systems are also extremely practical, as they can be easily stored away. And many single beds can be transformed into a double bed in no time with connecting accessories.

The solutions are therefore numerous. It all depends on who stays with you, how long the stay is, how often it happens, how much space you have. Try to ask yourself all these questions and answer them appropriately and you will know exactly which extra bed is right for you.

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