What are the prerequisites for the construction of a mezzanine ?

Building a mezzanine is a great idea for increase living space without having to make an extension. But we do not go into this type of work blindly. Of the administrative procedures are to be carried out in many cases before the start of the work. Certain conditions must also be met in order to have a secure and comfortable mezzanine and be able to access it easily. Designed according to the rules of the art, this work brings a crazy charm to the home and adds a real plus-value to real estate. A plus in case of resale.

Construction mezzanine : autorisations

It may be necessary to undergo administrative procedures before the start of construction construction of a mezzanine. It all depends on the planned area. This is assessed in terms offootprint. As provided for in the Town Planning Code (new Art. R 420-1 of 2012), overhangs and overhangs are included in this ground occupation. This is the vertical projection of the mezzanine volume. We must therefore remember the following.

  • Mezzanine amovible placed on feet: no step,
  • Mezzanine built :
    • ceiling height less than 1.80 m: no procedure,
    • ceiling height equal to or greater than 1.80 m and footprint at least equal to 5 M² and less than 20 M²: prior declaration of work,
    • ceiling height equal to or greater than 1.80 m and footprint of more than 20M²: building permit required.

Prior declaration of work and application for a building permit must be submitted to the town hall of your municipality.

Other steps to consider include:

  • Also ask the syndic for authorization if you are co-owner.
  • Declare your mezzanine to the company with which you subscribed your Home Insurance,
  • Declare your mezzanine at Tax service within three months of completion of the work.

Remember that this extra space is considered a pièce when its surface is more than 7 M².

Securing your mezzanine

It is very important to be completely safe on your mezzanine. It is a space that requires the installation of a bodyguard or a fence to avoid any risk of the occupants tipping over and falling. There is a height of 100 cm for the posts and a space of 11 cm maximum between the balusters that make up the security barrier of a mezzanine. It is also possible to secure this additional room with a canopy Of the nicest effect.

The mezzanine must also be extremely solid to support its own mass, the people as well as the furniture that one wishes to install there. If we are not careful, it can collapse. Building it against common sense can have a serious impact on the whole building as well.

For the mezzanine to be built according to the rules of the trade and for all safety standards to be respected, it is essential to entrust the work to a professional. A real skill is essential and it is therefore not the type of work to be carried out when one is not in the business.

How high should a mezzanine be?

Some owners want increase living space of their homes by using the smallest wasted space, at all costs. They are therefore tempted to build a mezzanine whose ceiling height is sometimes much lower than 1.80 m. If children can evolve without difficulty in this type of space – for only a few years – this is not the case for adults.

Ideally, the ceiling height of a mezzanine should be between 1.80 and 2.20 m. There is no obligation to respect these dimensions. It’s just a matter of comfort and common sense because you can move around easily without having to bend over. We don’t always think about it before starting the work, but building a mezzanine that is too low can very quickly make people disillusioned…

Mezzanine access devices

Although this space can be accessed through a classic scale, which is trendy in terms of decoration, it is not the most practical solution or the most secure, far from it. As for thesucker’s scale, it can be essential when you are sorely lacking in hindsight, but its use is not suitable for everyone. It’s a bit the same thing if you opt for a retractable staircase because it lacks practicality.

The ideal way to access its mezzanine is thefixed staircase best to have installed by a artisan. Cet architectural element is available in many models: straight, helical, rotating. It can be solid or perforated. It also allowsoptimize space as soon as you occupy the underside of the stairs by installing storage cupboards or bookshelves there, for example. But here again, for safety reasons, it is essential to install a handrail or a barrier, for example.

To study the feasibility of your mezzanine project beforehand, it is best to contact an expert in the field. The interested party has every interest in requesting several quotes through an online comparator. He can thus compare the proposed solutions by studying the plans and ensure that he has the necessary budget.

Photo credit: Olivier Gobet

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