What is the price of an in-ground pool ? What is the budget what are the additional costs?

Have a home installed inground swimming pool is a dream that can quite come true, as long as you plan all the necessary budget for this outdoor development. It is of course necessary to plan the price of the swimming pool itself, varying among other things according to the dimensions of the basin and its shape, but that is not all, far from it. Let’s find out in detail what exactly it costs to build an in-ground swimming pool, additional costs included.

Advantages of the inground pool

It’s a real hard pool, which in addition to being built – therefore solid and durable – adapts to all terrains. It is particularly aesthetic and even more so if one takes care of develop the surroundings well thanks to additional facilities (beach, high shelter thanks to which you can swim all year round whatever the weather, etc.). It is the swimming pool that everyone dreams of because it is spacious, deep, it symbolizes summer holidays and freedom, and it is able to satisfy all swimming lovers. In two words, it is this little luxury that promotes good times shared with family and friends.

Admittedly, this must has a cost. It is therefore necessary to have a plump budget to be able to afford it. But such an investment is not in vain because it allowsadd character to the house as well as in the garden, and the owner can thus see his real estate heritage increase in value.

Essential work to build an inground pool: prices

It is not enough to buy the swimming pool. It is still necessary to carry out all the necessary work to put it in place because the in-ground swimming pool has nothing to do with the above-ground swimming pool! This cost is generally set on a case-by-case basis and can be obtained on quotation, for example through a swimming pool construction comparator.

The price depends on:

  • The importance of the site, the construction of an inground swimming pool involving various works for:

    • Soil preparation,
    • earthwork,
    • Land leveling,
    • Pouring the concrete slab,
    • The backfill.
  • The construction method, this being chosen according to the structure of the pool which can be in poured concrete, breeze blocks or even shotcrete,
  • structural materials,
  • The dimensions of the pool, its shape, its depth,
  • Sealing coating which can be waxed concrete, tiles, liner, mosaic…
  • The delivery of the shell swimming pool, if this is what we have chosen, knowing that the more access to the property is difficult, the more the note increases. If it is impossible to deliver the shell swimming pool by road, there is no other choice than to opt for the delivery by helicopter what is charged approximately €2,000 per hour.
  • The accessories and equipment as :

    • The integrated spa,
    • The counter-current swimming system,
    • The overflow system,
    • skimmers,
    • The pump,
    • The heating device,
    • filters,
    • The robot vacuum…
  • The construction of a technical room,
  • Installing a mandatory safety device such as alarm, barrier, shelter, etc.,
  • L’development of the surroundings of the swimming pool curbstone, beach, terrace, the price varying according to the materials used and the area,
  • The decoration essential to perfect this aquatic environment which deserves to be refined (lighting, landscaping, garden furniture, beach wheelbarrows, parasols, shade sails, etc.).
  • The maintenance cost on a daily basis which is linked to the various treatment products that provide healthy, clear water with a balanced pH, etc.,
  • The running cost such as electricity, water…
  • The possible maintenance contract if you subscribe to the swimming pool specialist.

The demolition work are generally invoiced between 2,000 and 3,000 €. As for the price of the pool, it varies according to its structure, namely:

  • Poured concrete: the average price is €33,000,

  • In concrete blocks, the average price is around €18,000,
  • In shotcrete, the entry level is around €22,000 and a higher range can cost €40,000.

If we have a reduced budgetyou can choose:

  • For an in-ground pool with an estimated average price of €16,000.
  • For a small concrete pool that costs around €9,000
  • For an in-ground kit swimming pool that hardly costs more than €11,000.

It is essential to precisely describe your project to receive quotes based on the type of inground pool you want to build.

Construction of a concrete swimming pool: budget to be provided in addition

Once the pond is purchased, the expenses don’t stop there. You have to think about additional costs, namely:

All these ancillary costs represent a significant sum that it is very important to plan well in advance, that is to say even before making the decision to build an in-ground swimming pool. This allows to budget the best all of this development intended for the swimming and wellness.

For ancillary costs, if you want to play the card of sophistication and the space to be fitted out is spacious, you must allow 15 to 20% of the price of the swimming pool. A margin of 10 to 12% may be sufficient when you want the simplest layout, but it can climb to 30% or more if you have decided to install a high sliding glass shelter which, at alone, costs around €20,000.

It is therefore necessary to count at least 20,000 € to afford a small inground pool, and provide at least 35,000 € for a good-sized pool. But if you want to push the detail and take care of all the decoration of the environment of the swimming pool, the budget to be planned can quite be around 50,000 €. At this price, including of course the additional costs, you have a dream pool.

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