What are the standard dimensions of doors in width and height?

As part of a construction or renovation project, it is a good idea to find out about the sizes of the doors. The standard models are generally recommended both for interior doors and for the entrance span since these elements with universal dimensions allow you to save money compared to the installation of custom-made joinery. Let’s take a look at the standard dimensions of doors in height and width.

Why opt for standard doors?

In construction as in renovation, it is often recommended to install standard doors. It should be noted that the dimensions of these joineries are standardized and designed according to universal standards. By opting for such doors, you greatly reduce your costs since you avoid having to call on custom-made.

If they are less expensive, standard doors are also much easier and faster to find. You can buy a door from any DIY store or store specializing in this type of item without waiting. In addition, the range of available models is wider. Conversely, a made-to-measure door must be ordered and produced in the dimensions requested; waiting times are thus much longer.

A small clarification is in order. When we talk about the dimensions of a standard door, we are talking about the door and not the width of the passage. Thus, for a single door, you must subtract 3 cm to know the width of the passage, i.e. 80 cm for a door of standard dimensions of 83 cm. For a double leaf door, it is necessary to remove 6 cm, i.e. 3 cm per leaf.

What are the standard door sizes?

Before embarking on the purchase of a standard door, it is recommended to know the dimensions in order to respect them. Nevertheless, the majority of models available in DIY stores are standard size.

The interior door: what height and what width?

The dimensions of an interior residential door are specified by standard NF P 01 005.

There are several standardized sizes for interior doors:

  • The standard height of a door is always 204 cm (2.04 meters).
  • The standard width of a door can be 63 cm, 73 cm, 83 cm or 93 cm.
  • The standard thickness of a door can vary between 29 and 40 mm.

Double-leaf interior doors are rare, but there are standard sizes for these models as well:

  • If the door has two equal leaves, it is 204 cm high and 146 cm wide, i.e. 73 cm per leaf.
  • If the door has two unequal leaves, it is 204 cm high and 126 cm wide, with one leaf 93 cm wide and one leaf 33 cm wide.

The front door: what height and what width?

An entrance door has different standard dimensions than an interior door. It is indeed taller and wider. The traditional standard model of the entrance door measures 215 cm in height and 90 cm in width.

However, there are also variations in terms of standardized dimensions. You will find standard entrance doors measuring:

  • 200 cm high and 80 cm wide,
  • 200 cm high and 90 cm wide,
  • 215 cm high and 80 cm wide,

There is also a standardization of the dimensions of double leaf entrance doors:

  • 215 cm high and 100 cm wide, i.e. 50 cm per leaf.
  • 215 cm high and 120 cm wide, i.e. 60 cm per leaf.

How to measure a door?

If it sounds simple, taking the measurements of a door requires taking into account the right elements.

How to measure an interior door?

To check the measurements of your interior door before changing it, here is the procedure to follow:

  • If you are only changing the door, remove the leaf and take your measurements based on the frame.
  • To measure the height and the width, count the rabbet, which is the notch where the door is wedged, then remeasure a second time without taking this into account. Do the same across the width.
  • We recommend that you take at least 2 measurements at two different points and keep the smallest one.

How to measure a front door?

Do the same for your front door and also take the measurements of the interior table in height and width.

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