What type of credenza to choose for your kitchen?

Above all, the main function of a credenza is to protect the wall from splashes of grease and splashes of water. However, you can also make this coating the key decorative element of your kitchen.

Laminate or resin?

Laminate is commonly installed behind the corner sink and worktop. A very good solution for people on a budget, because this material is sold at very attractive prices. Nevertheless, this coating particularly appealed to me for the richness of its palette of colors and patterns. I really recommend the laminate splashback for people looking to personalize their kitchen. My only complaint? This material does not tolerate heat above 180 degrees. It is therefore not a good bottom of the hood.

Also offering a myriad of shades and colors, resin is an excellent alternative to laminate. In addition, this top-of-the-range material is perfectly resistant to heat, but above all to humidity. Thus, by choosing resin for your splashback, you can extend it to your cooking area. I strongly recommend 100% acrylic resin for its sturdiness. In addition, very light, this material is very pleasant to the touch and easy to install.

Glass or stainless steel?

For sleek and contemporary kitchens, glass is the big trend of the moment. I simply love these materials, which are both elegant and solid. Their only disadvantages are their high cost price and their too heavy weight, because for good resistance, the thickness of tempered glass must be at least 4 to 6 millimeters. Hence the need to be very careful when transporting and installing it. To avoid taking risks, I entrusted this responsibility to professionals.

If you have always dreamed of a professional kitchen, then you will have to opt for a stainless steel splashback which will perhaps bring the little touch of modernity so much sought after in this functional room. Guaranteed effect. What’s more, apart from being in vogue, stainless steel harmonizes divinely well with other materials. And that without mentioning its very hygienic side since stainless steel is the antibacterial material par excellence. Personally, I particularly appreciate the magnificent shiny reflection of its surface.

Wood or stone?

Timeless and elegant, wood can also be used as a credenza. But in this case, to avoid having to change the coating regularly, prefer solid woods such as oak, cherry and maple. Indeed, wood is a living material and unfortunately fears heat, as well as humidity. A regular application of varnish is essential so as not to alter the aesthetics of a wooden splashback. In short, this material requires a lot of maintenance.

Otherwise, people looking for authenticity turn to stone. Here the choice will then be between natural stone and reconstituted. Personally, for me nothing beats slate, granite and marble. However, natural stones are very porous and need to be treated with water repellent to resist external aggressions. This is why synthetic stones are better suited for this use.

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