What type of railing to choose for a balcony ?

Have you decided to provide a balcony on the first floor of your future home? After choosing its coating, you will have to decide on the type of railing. There are different kinds of railings on the market. The key is to find the model that offers the best value for money.

Are there any standards to be met?

From the moment your balcony is located on the first floor, the installation of a railing is required by law. Indeed, from this height, the falls of men or domestic animals can be quite simply fatal. This is why a minimum height of one meter is required for all balcony railings. However, this height will be reduced to 80 cm if the guardrail is 50 cm wide. Otherwise, the spacing of the horizontal or vertical bars must also follow very strict standards.

And to ensure that the protective barriers are firmly fixed, it is best to entrust their installation to professionals. If you do not know where to find information to make your purchase, go without further delay to www.garde-corps-faraone.com. It is impossible for you not to find what you are looking for with the choice of articles offered by this brand. In addition, this Italian factory has been in this sector for forty years already. It provides you with the guarantee of a superior quality railing, very stylish, but above all robust and reliable.

But you will probably also be surprised to discover how their prices remain very competitive compared to the competition. And that’s not to mention the possibilities of ordering made-to-measure items. Many builders and contractors swear by this brand. Nothing surprising if this company is today a reference. If you don’t have free time, there is no need to travel to the extent that all procedures can be done online. Consult their catalog and get a quote if needed.

The choice of the railing model

However, before placing an order, you must first define the characteristics of your fall arrest barrier. Lately, all attention has been focused on tempered or laminated glass models. Apart from being modern and stylish, this completely transparent material can indeed allow you to see through it, but above all it lets natural light and the sun’s rays pass through.

This type of balustrade is ideal for apartments and high houses that give magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. Otherwise, as the glass railings are solid, there is no risk of objects falling through. Moreover, for better resistance, but also for the sake of aesthetics, glass is often associated with aluminum. Compatible with all construction materials, aluminum with horizontal or vertical bars can also be used alone.

This is also the case for the stainless steel cable. This barrier is very attractive for its great flexibility and discretion. Only drawback, to hold the cables, the installation of posts is however essential, without forgetting the handrail. In any case, avoid buying balustrades that do not bear the NF P01-012 stamp. This standard is neither more nor less than the guarantee of their quality.

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