What is Zimbabwean black granite ? Ideal for a kitchen worktop?

Zimbabwe Black Granite is a natural material formed by cooled and crystallized magma. Extracted from deposits located in the northeast of Zimbabwe, it has become the symbol of luxury thanks to its incomparable aesthetics and its unequaled robustness. Easy to work with, it seduces for its finesse and its resistance, but also for its matte, satin, shiny or leather aspect, depending on your desires. What are its characteristics ? Can it be suitable for making a kitchen worktop? Discover everything you need to know about black granite from Zimbabwe, this new flagship material!

Black granite from Zimbabwe: what is it?

Recognizable by its deep black color, Zimbabwe black granite is an extremely hard and resistant granite, increasingly popular for interiors. It owes its name to the country from which it originates, Zimbabwe. It is indeed extracted from deposits located in the northeast of the country, the region of Mutoko. Also known as Zimbabwe marble, it is a luxury material drawn from the heart of a land known for the great poverty of its people.

Zimbabwe Black Granite is a natural rock formed by magma cooling and crystallizing over millions of years. Its extremely fine grain is composed of hard minerals, feldspar, quartz, diabase and gabbro, and gives it the advantage of being very easily worked in all forms.

Even harder than other types of granite, its composition allows it to resist almost anything! It is resistant to scratches, shocks, humidity and heat. It is therefore ideal for all kinds of achievements.

Depending on the desired effect, black granite from Zimbabwe can be polished, flamed, honed or leather, which gives it a more matte, shiny, satin, smooth, shimmering or embossed appearance as desired. It is therefore a luxury material that fits perfectly with all styles of decoration and interior. It is very easy to marry it with all atmospheres, all colors and all materials. Its refined and elegant side while understated makes it a unique and versatile material, perfect for all interiors.

Black granite from Zimbabwe, an ideal material for kitchen worktops

Zimbabwe black granite is an ideal material for kitchen worktops, for many reasons.

In terms of aesthetics, it is a black material that can be easily worked in such a way as to present the desired looks and nuances. It can be polished, smooth, soft, rough, matte and many more depending on everyone’s expectations and desires. It can therefore be combined with all styles, with wood, sober colors such as white, beige, cream or grey, but also with other more nuanced or flashy shades. It is in fact a material endowed with a deep black color that is very neutral and at the same time loaded with beauty and capable of raising any other nuance.

Zimbabwe Black Granite is also perfect for kitchen worktops due to its high strength. It is indeed very solid and it resists high heat, humidity, scratches, shocks, blows, etc., to the point of being able to cut your food directly on it, without a cutting board, and this without risk of alter it. It must be said that it is the hardest material among those used in our interiors. It is therefore very suitable for the realization of these supports particularly exposed throughout the day in the context of the preparation of meals. Black granite from Zimbabwe is also very easy to clean, since a simple wipe with a damp sponge is enough, like other granites. A real boon to save time and comfort in use! By opting for this type of material, you are sure to enjoy a beautiful, solid, durable, elegant and aesthetic worktop for your kitchen! Something to satisfy you on a daily basis and impress your guests for dinner!

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