Which air conditioning system to choose for the at home ?

The air conditioning is the ideal solution to enjoy a pleasant freshness inside the house during the summer. The excessive summer heat of recent years having clearly contributed to the development of the air conditioner, manufacturers have continued to innovate to offer a ever more efficient and energy-efficient air conditioninge. Here are some ways to find an air conditioner that is perfectly suited to your home and your budget.

Air conditioner: models

Each air conditioning system meets very specific air conditioning needs.

The reversible air conditioner

A reversible air conditioner is a dual purpose device since it is used as a cooler and as a heater.

The split air conditioner

Fixed or mobile, the split air conditioner is made up of two units:

  • A diffuser: it refreshes the room of the house in which it is placed,
  • A compressor: connected to the diffuser by a refrigeration cord, it supplies it with calories. It is installed outside the house in the majority of cases.

The two units of a fixed split air conditioner are bolted to a wall while for the mobile version the diffuser is not moored. Equipped with wheels, it is designed to be moved.

We also find the multi split air conditioner which includes a compressor and several diffusers. These are placed in different rooms of the house. Depending on its power, a single compressor can therefore cool an entire home.

To benefit from high technology, you can opt for an Inverter split air conditioner. Depending on the ambient temperature, this intelligent model adjusts its power and therefore its operating speed.

Monoblock air conditioner

As its name suggests, this air conditioning comes in a single block that is placed in the room to be cooled. Unlike the split air conditioner, this model does not have an outdoor unit. The packaged air conditioner contains a refrigerant which allows internal heat to be transferred to the outside through a simple flexible sheath.

Monobloc air conditioning is available in two versions:

  • With wheels: it can be moved as needed. Simply position it in the immediate vicinity of an opening to allow hot air to escape.
  • Fixed: it is installed on a frame such as a window, a bay window or a wall and it is also equipped with an evacuation device.

We can now install a reversible packaged heat pump to cool or heat the room. Some models even benefit from Inverter technology that can be controlled remotely using a remote control.

Inverter technology

Innovation makes it possible today to have a reliable and energy-efficient cooling device for absolute interior comfort. In each category of air conditioners, the consumer can find a model that benefits from Inverter technology. This has several advantages.

  • Optimizes the longevity of the air conditioner,
  • Increases device performance
  • Reduces energy consumption,
  • Makes the compressor less noisy,
  • Allows the room to maintain a constant temperature: you therefore do not feel the sensation of a cold draft because the Inverter air conditioner operates almost continuously. At most, it restarts twice every 60 minutes, whereas a classic air conditioner restarts at least 8 to 10 times during the same period.

An Inverter air conditioner costs about 20% more than a conventional model. But given the energy savings that this new generation air conditioning allows, its purchase price pays for itself fairly quickly.

Air conditioner: the selection criteria

It is not always easy to choose an air conditioner when you are not a specialist, especially since the models evolve over time. It is therefore strongly recommended to contact a professional to find the air conditioning best suited to the volume of the room to be cooled (or to be heated and cooled in the case of a reversible air conditioner). It must also satisfy the customer’s wishes in terms of thermal and sound comfort, but also of design. Of course, the price of the air conditioner is an important selection criterion.

Before seeking information from a specialist, it is useful to identify the needs of the family by listing the criteria that are considered essential, namely:

  • The category of the air conditioner:

    • monobloc, split or multi-split,
    • mobile or fixed,
    • reversible or non-reversible,
  • The theoretical cooling capacity: it is necessary to take into account either the surface of the room, or its volume if the room to be cooled has a non-standard ceiling height.
  • The sound volume, indicated in decibels (dB): the ideal is to opt for an air conditioner with silent mode,
  • Inverter technology if you want to take advantage of power while reducing your energy bill,
  • Options like:

    • the remote control for remote air conditioning adjustment,
    • the fan,
    • the timer which allows the automatic shutdown of the device,
    • the air purifier with HEPA filter,
    • the dehumidifier,
    • the integrated programming which can be set up to 24 hours in advance: a very valuable option if you want to find your house very fresh after an absence of a few hours (appointment, walk, sports session, shopping, work, cinema, restaurant…).

Choosing an air conditioning system: who to contact?

It’s better not to risk choosing an air conditioning unit if you don’t know anything about it. This is how we end up with a device that does not necessarily correspond to what we wanted. Wisdom is needed in this area. We therefore take care to be accompanied in our project by an experienced heating and air conditioning installer. This technician has the essential knowledge and know-how to guide his client towards the air conditioning solution best suited not only to his budget, but also to his expectations.

From the monobloc air conditioner to the reversible heat pump, the range of air conditioning systems is extremely rich. Ditto for the installation: it is better to let a professional take care of it because some devices are very complex. By entrusting the installation of his air conditioner to a specialist, the consumer benefits from a quality service but also from a guarantee. Do not hesitate to request several air conditioner quotes and air conditioning installation to compare the services.

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