Which armchair for a cosy and comfortable reading corner ?

Sometimes it happens that your home becomes the center of your life. Whether it’s the office, school or everyday life, everything happens there. It is therefore essential to be able to partition off areas for studious moments and others for relaxation. For example, how about a cozy reading corner? With a reading chair and why not a stool or footrest to go with it, a leather or fabric seat in the color of your choice: in short, enough to enjoy a nice break while staying at home. In this case, which armchair to choose and what are the tips and tricks to arrange comfortably and in a practical way your reading corner?

In what position do you like to read?

Are you one of those who like to sit down to read and need an armchair with a straight or ergonomic backrest? Then you’ll like a seat that’s not too wide to be well balanced on either side, with a back high enough to support your head. Armchairs with very wide headrests offer the possibility of tilting the head to one side or the other. When the headrest is curved on the sides, it positions you like in a bubble, so that acoustically you are more comfortable: you are calmer, more protected.

Is it better to have a footstool or a built-in armchair?

If you like to sit cross-legged while reading or pull your legs up, a wide and deep seat of at least 60 centimeters is ideal. If you prefer to lie down rather than sit while reading, investing in a recliner is worthwhile. On some chairs, you can lower the backrest either manually or by pressing a button while a footrest can optionally be raised at the same time. Add to that a headrest and armrests and you have a comfortable and adaptable reading position.

You can also opt for a stool or an ottoman as a footrest. These two seats can also be used differently: as additional seats or with a tray as side tables. You may be among those who find it more comfortable to have a lower footrest than the seat.

The right cover – leather or fabric?

The leather is typical of classic armchairs. However, depending on the shape of the chair, a leather cover may slip a bit when seated and provide less support, especially if you want to sit in the same position for quite a long time. A fabric cover provides more support. On the other hand, the fabric cover must be particularly hard-wearing. If you want to occasionally wash the cover of your reading chair yourself, choose a model with a removable and washable cover.

What type of padding?

With firm upholstery, the upholstery of your seat is taut and virtually wrinkle-free. If you like to sit up straight while reading, this type of padding gives you optimal support. However, due to the higher tension of the fabric, the cover is subject to greater wear and tear. With soft padding, you can literally sink into your reading chair. Foam or down guarantee a particularly comfortable seat. If you move a lot and change your position often while reading, this is probably the type of padding to choose.

How to arrange your reading corner?

If you want to create a separate reading corner, you can create a space consisting of a reading chair, a small table, a floor lamp and a cozy rug. To create consistency, choose colors for each element that go well together. Then add a shelf: it’s the perfect addition to keep your favorite books close at hand.

You can also choose to integrate your reading chair into an existing lounge area. To make it stand out, you can take advantage of creating a style break. It’s quite charming when the armchair differs in color and shape from the rest of the furniture.

What is the right size for a chair?

An armchair always looks much smaller in a furniture store than in an apartment. To test the effect in your own living room, you can stack moving boxes where the chair will be later. Reading chairs with visible legs are more suitable for small living rooms as they appear more graceful and lighter. Scandinavian style armchairs are a great timeless solution.

What to remember about a reading chair

  • Wing chairs visually and acoustically protect and provide more peace.
  • With a seat depth and a width of over 60 centimeters, you can comfortably bend your legs.
  • A pouf or stool can also be used as an additional seat or table.
  • Fabric or leather? Depending on the shape of your chair, leather can be slippery, so give it a try.
  • Firm padding provides support if you prefer to sit down to read.
  • Soft padding is ideal for a reading position more conducive to lounging.

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