Which capillary rise treatment to choose for what price?

Is your house prone to capillary rise? It is advisable to act quickly by applying the right treatment. Here are some tips to guide you better.

What is capillary rise?

Capillary rise is a phenomenon that is formed by humidity. Indeed, if your land is poorly drained or if your foundations are not well sealed, the water tends to rise to the heart of the walls of your home.

This form of humidity can cause significant damage to the structure of your home and it manifests itself inside by unpleasant visual and olfactory elements such as the formation of mold, musty and damp odors, or even the appearance of brown spots. Not only are your walls deteriorating, but your health is also at risk.

Porous materials or the degradation of the waterproofing of the walls favor the process. The water rises by capillarity to a height of 1.50 meters and comes out on the surface, causing your wallpapers and paneling to warp or your paint to blister. Certainly, the aesthetic aspect is problematic, but the problem is much deeper. It is therefore necessary to act quickly.

What are the possible treatments and at what cost?

There are several treatments to combat this type of problem. Before undertaking one, it is recommended to call on a professional. He will be able to make a precise diagnosis, identify the source and its origin, and offer you a solution adapted to your home.

The drying out of the walls

Drying out the walls is a possible solution. It is carried out by means of a drying plant or by the phenomenon of geomagnetism. The water is repelled by sending electrical impulses. This technique can be relatively effective, but it is primarily intended for weak and minimally invasive lifts. Count between 500 and 1000 euros for this type of service, depending on the extent of the surface to be treated.

Resin injection

This technique is the most used by professionals in the field. Durable and effective, it forms a waterproof barrier at the foot of walls affected by rising capillaries. Thus, the phenomenon is blocked from the base and water cannot infiltrate.

The professional drills the walls concerned and injects the resin before filling the holes. It is then advisable to wait until the surfaces are completely dry before carrying out the embellishment work.

This technique has a very wide range of prices, depending on the condition of your walls to be treated. Count between 20 and 200 euros per linear meter.

The draining

This technique consists of laying drains to evacuate stagnant rainwater in the ground. The installation of a PVC or concrete drain will cost you 20 to 25 euros per meter, excluding the cost of any work.

Installation of a waterproof membrane

The waterproof membrane envelops the foundations of your home and protects them by slowing down infiltration and rising damp. For this type of service, plan a budget of 100 to 200 euros per linear meter.

The casing

This technique consists of applying a waterproof resin-based mortar. However, it is rarely applied because some professionals believe that it only moves the infiltration problem further or to the upper parts of the walls. The price of casing varies between 50 and 350 euros per m².

Always have quotes made by several professionals in order to know the price for your situation and to choose the solution that suits you best.

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