Which material should I choose for my shower screen ?

We might as well make it clear now: in a shower, no material can completely dispense with regular cleaning. But in terms of ease of maintenance, some are doing a little better. Which material to choose to clean a shower screen as quickly as possible? The prize goes to anti-limescale glass. In a good position is also the glass block and certain opaque materials.

The anti-limestone treated glass wall

When it comes to shower screens, glass is by far the favorite material of the French. Renowned for its strength, elegance and design, glass has the advantage of being easy to maintain. All the more so when it has undergone an anti-limescale treatment, which is absolutely essential in regions where the water is harder.

Performed in the factory, this treatment limits the formation of tartar on the wall. This is a polymerization carried out on the surface of the glass, on the interior side of the wall (shower side). Micro irregularities disappear. The surface thus smoothed presents a perfect homogeneity on which water and tartar struggle to cling. A quick cleaning is enough to remove all traces of deposits.

Unfortunately, to benefit from this type of treatment, you have to plan to invest in rather high-end glasses. The cost is a little higher, but it’s worth it if you want to simplify the maintenance of your shower screen. While this type of treatment is generally guaranteed for three years, it actually lasts much longer.

It still needs to be maintained a bit. A squeegee to remove the water and a soft cloth so as not to scratch the glass while drying it, and that’s it. And do not ruin yourself in products: white vinegar, lemon or baking soda remain the champions of easy and effective descaling.

Untreated glass: opt for acid-etched glass

This glass is not transparent but translucent. You have a wall that allows light to pass through while preserving people’s privacy. The frosted glass only reveals a blurred silhouette. This original material has the advantage of being very easy to maintain. The bonus? Fingerprints do not appear there.

Limited anti-limescale treatment: do it yourself

If you do not have the means or the plan to buy an anti-limescale treated shower screen, the emergency solution is the “limited” treatment. This is an anti-limescale liquid that is applied to a perfectly cleaned glass wall. Simply apply it to a sponge, three or four times a year depending on the hardness of your water. The product creates a water-repellent layer that prevents limestone from clogging the wall. The little plus is that it is not very expensive.

The acrylic wall hides limestone well…

An acrylic shower enclosure is not as sleek and durable as a glass enclosure. But on the maintenance side, she knows how to be forgotten. The reason is that this material, by its natural appearance, makes traces of limestone almost invisible. They are there, but since we don’t see them, we think less often about cleaning… If you have a small budget and don’t want to wash your shower screen too often, the acrylic screen may be right for you. Even if this material is sold less and less because of its more limited lifespan.

An opaque wall that is easy to clean: the glass block

In the easy-to-clean genre, the glass block presents itself in a good position. It forms a fixed, hard wall, transparent enough to allow light to enter the shower. These bricks made of thick glass are particularly easy to clean. A wipe with the sponge after each shower eliminates fogging. Cleaning with white vinegar from time to time quickly gets rid of limescale deposits.

The open shower, of course!

It is certain that if your shower is without a wall, you will save maintenance time! The easiest wall to clean is the one that doesn’t exist… Not all bathrooms are designed to accommodate an open shower. But if it’s possible at home and you hate cleaning, it’s a solution…

Modern and easy to clean: stainless steel

It’s a trendy material that gives a great personality to the shower. There is nothing to say about the interview. A stainless steel shower screen requires minimal cleaning. Stainless steel is a resistant material on which humidity has no hold. Modern, durable and easy to clean, what more could you ask for?

Raclette, your friend for life

Whatever the material of your shower screen, maintenance is easier if you use the right tools. The rubber squeegee is essential. If you use it after every shower, you get rid of most limescale in seconds. Add to this daily cleaning a thorough descaling every week or fortnight, and your wall will shine like the sun!

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